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Faith found in every farmer’s home

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Higher Ground: Year in and year out, farmers depend on faith to get them through uncertainty.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24.

Walk into any given church on any Sunday, and you may hear the pastor speak on the subject of faith. After all, that is the one area that every Christian struggles with the most. They struggle with having faith in God because of all they see happening in the world around them and what may be happening in their own lives.

But if there is one group who understands living by faith more than any other group, it would be the farmer. First, you must remember the farmer is the very first occupation the Lord created (Genesis 2:4-9). Then you must remember, this same group, the farmer, was tasked with providing food for the entire world. So, as you can see, the farmer has a lot of responsibility.

But, when it comes down to it, the farmer is the one person in the world who must live with the greatest amount of faith. The farmer depends on the Lord producing rain to water his fields and his animals. So when a drought hits, the farmer must have faith in God that it will rain.

Just the opposite is true also. The farmer also needs dry weather for his crops to grow strong and healthy and not rot in the ground. So, when there is constant rain, the farmer must have faith the Lord will bring out the sun and dry the ground up.

Then, what can require more faith than having a big bag full of small seeds, looking at those small seeds and knowing you must plant every single one. And then after placing the small seed in the ground, trusting the Lord to grow them into tall, strong and healthy plants to provide food, not just for his own family, but for families around the world.

So, on Sunday when the pastor tells the church his sermon is on faith that day, don't be surprised if all the farmers get up and head for the fields. You see, they do not have to hear about faith in God. They live it every day of their life!!

The Steeles are members of the Pennsylvania Northern Tier Chapter of Fellowship of Christian Farmers International.

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