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Enjoy flowers' beauty, wild or otherwise

Three crosses made of wheat
Higher Ground: ‘Intentionals’ and ‘wildflowers’ are all beautiful in their own special ways.

We have all experienced or seen pictures of beautiful fields of flowers. The colors are amazing, and I can only imagine the pride the grower must feel.

I think my favorite flower is the bluebonnet. Texas is famous for them. When thinking of these beautiful flowers I am reminded that not all are intentionally grown, such as those the farmer plants. Some flowers are wildflowers; they spring up where they will and are nurtured and cared for by only a loving God.

The intentional and wildflowers grow under different circumstances. Both are beautiful in their own special way. When they are gathered together and arranged by a special touch, the outcome is a thing of beauty.

Autumn and winter are times when we typically think of the holidays, family and friends. It can be a time when many families come together. This can be a time of celebration for the "intentional" and a time of difficulty for the "wildflowers."

You see, the intentional usually have had someone taking care of them from the beginning — planting, watering, fertilizing — in the best possible conditions. The wildflowers, however, had to go it alone with only the Lord’s care.

Do your family and circle of friends have intentionals and wildflowers? We may have all come through different circumstances, but when you put it all together with the Lord’s help, the arrangement can be a thing of beauty.

As we all know, the flowers eventually wither and die, as do we. Remember that our time is short, so enjoy the beauty of the intentional and the wildflower. This places us on higher ground.

"And live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to god." Ephesians 5:2.

Doug Smith, Millville, Pa.
Smith is a member of the Northeast Pennsylvania chapter of Fellowship of Christian Farmers International.

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