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Video Demo: Summers’ new Spray Fill Xpress

Filling a sprayer with chemicals can be a time-consuming process with all of the mixing and rinsing that has to go on inside one big tank.

“Most farmers use a “chemical inductor” or a “mixing cone” to dump the chemicals into a bottom-fill sprayer,” explains Ben Sander, marketing and sales coordinator with Summers Manufacturing, “Many times, because the chemicals cannot be measured and prepped ahead of time - or dumping from jugs takes a while - they have to slow down their pump so the sprayer doesn’t fill up before they get all the chemicals in. So most of the time, they are racing the water flow, which can lead to inaccuracies, accidents, injuries (from jug cutting knives or just twisted ankles), and slower fill times.”

Summers Manufacturing has designed a system to make the whole process faster, and more accurate. The new   spray tendering and batching system, called Spray Fill Xpress,  is designed with up to six individual tanks, each which holds a different chemical. Each chemical remains separate until drawn up into the sprayer, thereby avoiding premixing. Extra-large plumbing reduces fill times by moving water and chemicals quickly into the sprayer.

“Instead of taking upward of half an hour to fill a 1,200 gallon spray tank, now it takes 6.5 minutes,” says Sander, who demonstrated the new system at the 2016 Commodity Classic tradeshow in New Orleans, LA.

Sander says the new batching system lets you spray up to 900 acres more per day due to the time savings.

“When the sprayer comes back from the field, the person on the tender trailer can just hook up to sprayer, fire up the pump to push water through the system, and open the valve on each tank to empty it,” Sander says. “It’s just real nice and simple.”

The available pump moves fluid at a rate of 440 gallons per minute, which makes topping off the mix pretty fast, Sander says.

Each tank includes a jug rinse system for easier cleanout of the chemical jugs. They also double as whole rinse sytem when the lid is closed. Also attached, is a rinse wand for cleaning out the tanks between similar loads and adding water to mix dry chemicals.

The system can be ordered with flow meters and scales for measuring from bulk containers.

The suggested list price starts at $15,175.  For more information contact or call 800/732-4392.

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