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The Worx blower isnrsquot the most powerful tool of its type but Team FIN found some solid uses for it around the farm
<p>The Worx blower isn&rsquo;t the most powerful tool of its type, but Team FIN found some solid uses for it around the farm.</p>

Team FIN Test: hand-held wind maker

Cleaning up machines, and around the farm, can get a boost with a hand-held blower. We check out the Worx Air 20v Turbine Blower, a rechargeable cordless unit.

Cleaning equipment after harvest is a big job. A blower helps remove dust and debris, and Worx released a new cordless 20v turbine blower just in time to get the job done. Team FIN tested the tool on soiled equipment, and rated it on a scale of 1 to 5.

The new Worx Air 20v Turbine Blower features an axial fan motor design that pulls air directly into the fan and immediately forces it out through the blower tube. The result is air volume of up to 90 mph and 340 cfm. Team FIN said the blower is easy to operate. It has a two-speed control that provides both light-duty and high-speed options. Team FIN liked having the ability to use a low speed setting: when necessary, it allows the operator to avoid stirring up a cloud of dust, and it also saves battery power.

When compared to some 120v electrical or gas-powered blowers, the Worx blower does not have as much power and airflow. Team FIN found the blower lacking when trying to remove dense material that had accumulated on equipment and, at times, had to simply loosen debris by hand before blowing clear. But, overall, the tool provides enough power to move loose dust and debris.

Cord free convenience

The convenience of being cord-free makes the blower ideal for working around large equipment. It also offers the portability of cleaning equipment out in the field rather than making a mess in the yard or shop. Team FIN was impressed by the tool’s light weight. At only 5.7 lbs., and featuring an ergonomic design and soft-grip comfort handle, the blower is great for working one-handed. The cordless tool is portable and saves the operator from dealing with extension cords and the added weight and hassle of gas-powered engines.

The blower has a small battery that takes approximately 5 hours to charge. Team FIN was not impressed by the slow charge and also found the battery does not have a very long run time. But, for the price-point, it may be worth overlooking. The blower does do a good job propelling dust and debris out of equipment housings, and the lightweight, cordless design makes it a handy tool for fall clean-up.

Rated: 3.8 out of 5

The Worx 20v turbine blower (WG546) costs $99. For more about Worx, visit

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