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Smart tire pumping system for semi-trailers

Smart tire pumping system for semi-trailers

Last year we wrote about the PTG Tire Inflation System, a central tire inflation systems marketed by Inflation Solutions, LLC. The product adjusts inflation pressures in your tractor tires automatically using an onboard air compressor. The product was voted by readers to be one of the top most innovative products that ran in our magazine in 2014.

A similar technology is also available for use on commercial semi-trailer tires to reduce tire wear and failure on the road. The Pressure Guard CTIS has been on the market for a number of years, but this is the first real exposure to the ag market.  

A company named Servitech from Nashville, TN owns the technology. They manufacture components for the automotive industry. Inflation Solutions and Servitech are marketing the product.

Trailer tires lose air pressure at a rate of 2 to 3 psi per week, whether they are parked or moving, states Jon Casner, Inflation Solutions LLC, in a news release issued this morning. This air pressure loss is due to molecules escaping through the tire sidewall.

PressureGuard routes air from the trailer’s air supply tank to the tires to maintain pressure at preset levels. If a tire’s pressure drops below the preset level, compressed air replaces the lost volume.

Casner cites these benefits of maintaining constant air pressures, which can now be done automatically:

  • Regular tire pressure checks are no longer needed.
  • Drivers or mechanics no longer need to pump tires.
  • Tire life is extended by always operating at the correct pressure.
  • Small pressure leaks from road debris or rim leaks are overcome.
  • Operator downtime is reduced when a tire suffers a small leak and immediate repairs are not delayed.

“The commercial trucking industry is moving as a whole toward technology like this because it reduces their operating costs,” states Casner. “These retrofit kits are an excellent way for business owners to benefit from the latest technology without replacing trailers.”

The basic systems start at $675 for a tandem axle trailer.

For more information, visit the Inflation Solutions website

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