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Sidehill leveling system

The Hillco 3700S Sidehill Leveling System for 5088, 6088 and 7088 Case IH Axial-Flow combines provides up to 18% slope compensation. The new system features a direct-drive drivetrain design that uses original Case IH drivetrain components and is compatible with both single- and dual-drive tires. The electrohydraulic lateral header tilt control fully integrates with the combine's Terrain Tracker electronics, providing full automated header height and lateral tilt control for excellent ground-contouring performance. The 3700S can be easily installed on new or existing Case IH combines using Hillco's Near-Factory Installation program or by an authorized Case IH dealership. The Hillco/CNH Category IV warranty agreement ensures that all original combine warranties remain in full effect after installation of a Hillco Leveling System.

For more information, call 800/937-2461 or visit

Waste oil heaters and boilers

Used oil is a free fuel source in Lanair Waste Oil Heaters and Boilers. The Lanair Complete Value Package includes the heater, tank and chimney. Installation is simple and saves money. The products are EPA friendly and UL listed. The new MXD200 and MXD300 ductable models allow for heat distribution where needed. Free telephone and Web-based support is available.

To learn more, call 800/753-1601, ext. 308, or visit

Advancedautomated steering

ParaDyme from Ag Leader and AutoFarm is a full-featured automated steering system with integrated wireless and cellular communication capabilities for remote diagnostics. A patented, dual-antenna roof module provides operators automatic steering control with sub-inch accuracy, improving product placement and fuel efficiency while significantly reducing operator fatigue. ParaDyme uses Logic 7D technology with the dual-antenna roof module to track pitch, roll and yaw as well as vehicle position and heading at all times, even when the vehicle is not moving. Once ParaDyme is installed, its Auto Calibration routine allows it to learn machine-specific steering characteristics.

ParaDyme supports WAAS, OmniStar HP/XP and RTK differential signals and more than 350 vehicle platforms. RTK correction also can be received through a cellular network, allowing operators to take advantage of CORS networks in their areas.

Learn more at

Grapple rake

The new Heavy Duty Grapple Rake from Precision Manufacturing is available in 72- and 85-in. widths. The grapple rake features subsoil points; a ¾-in.-steel rake; 6-in. spacing of tines; concealed cylinders; and an extra-wide, 70-in. opening. It is available with single or double grapples.

For more information, contact Precision Manufacturing at 913/362-9244, ext. 101, or visit

Livestock immobilizer

The Immobilizer offers a safe, easy way to perform a wide range of animal husbandry and veterinary procedures, including castration, branding and dehorning, on many types of livestock, including cattle, sheep, goats and swine. The compact, portable Immobilizer safely immobilizes animals by producing brief electronic pulses to the animals' muscles. Procedures can then be performed without the use of force, harnesses, ropes or restraints. The Immobilizer reduces both stress for the animal and effort for the operator.

For more information, call 712/552-2880 or visit

Remote bin monitoring

Tri-States Grain Conditioning Inc. (TSGC) announces the addition of Grain TRAC remote bin monitoring to its product line. Grain TRAC allows you to read your TSGC temperature cables from any computer with Internet access, anywhere, anytime. With Grain TRAC, you can monitor all bins on a daily basis without driving, climbing or keeping handwritten notes.

For more information, visit, or call 800/438-8367 for a free quote.


Brandt Agricultural Products recently unveiled the GrainVac 7500 HP, a fast and simple way for busy grain growers to empty a bin. The GrainVac 7500 HP is capable of moving up to 8,000 bu. of wheat/hr. from a full bin with a straight hose, for example. Maximum grain movement can be achieved with only 120 hp, allowing growers to match the GrainVac 7500 HP with mid-sized tractors. Exclusive cone separator technology uses no moving parts to direct the grain into the auger or air into the fan. No adjustments are needed crop to crop.

The GrainVac 7500 HP is designed for easy, low-cost maintenance with a centrifugal fan design. It features convenient fan access, minimal grease points and easy auger tube access for quick cleanouts.

To learn more, call 701/240-0433 or visit

Ball valves

Green Leaf Inc. introduces the Side Load 3-Way Ball Valves and Bottom Load 3-Way Ball Valves in 1- to 2-in. sizes. Features include stainless steel bolts, Viton O-rings and a maximum operating pressure of 100 psi. The self-aligning ball moves freely against Teflon seats for smooth operation. The ball is diamond-turned after molding to make it spherically perfect, providing precise contact between the ball and seats.

For more information, call 800/654-9808 or visit

Grain auger steering

Large grain augers and conveyors are hard to maneuver, but the new Auger Steer makes auger steering and positioning easy.

The Auger Steer, distributed by Central City Scale Inc. and manufactured by Triple Steer Manufacturing Ltd. installs as an add-on kit for axles. It allows the axle and whatever it supports to be fully steered from the tractor cab with a set of steering knuckles activated by a new hydraulic cylinder.

Auger Steer can be installed on either an auger or conveyor with fixed wheels in about an hour. The kit includes a steering knuckle for each wheel. The wheel comes off, a 9-in. knuckle is bolted on, and the wheel is replaced. A small hydraulic cylinder is fitted against the axle and connected to each knuckle. New hoses are extended to the hydraulic remotes at the back of the tractor. Hydraulic pressure enables existing control levers or switches in the cab to turn the wheels left or right.

The Auger Steer comes in sizes and fittings for most makes of augers.

For more information, call Central City Scale at 308/946-3591 or visit

Precision tillage system

Krause introduces the innovative Gladiator precision tillage system for strip-till farming with exclusive ST-PRO row units, available in 12- and 16-row pull-type configurations. Changing from field operation to transport is quick and easy, and the durable, fixed frame design with flip-and-fold toolbar provides a balanced, safe transport — even for 16-row machines. The design allows for easy maintenance and replacement of points or knives without crawling under the machine. The robust frames have the capacity to carry a 1,000-gal. liquid tank and tow an anhydrous tank to accommodate a variety of fertilizer placement options.

The ST-PRO row units are designed for high-residue situations to develop a uniform, residue-free strip with precise, consistent tillage depth control. The inventive Drop-Zone nutrient placement system allows growers to fine-tune their fertilizer placement, independent of the tillage depth, without grinding and re-welding fertilizer tubes.

To learn more, call Krause at 800/957-2873 or visit

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