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Kinze Manufacturing introduces the 3800 Forward Folding and the 3660 Twin Line planters with Air Seed Delivery. The unique, 24-row Kinze 3800 handles and maneuvers like a smaller planter. The planter features a three-section frame that has 10° of flex up and down, for planting in uneven and terraced fields. The forward-folding toolbar design with telescoping tongue transports at just 14 ft. 7 in. wide. A dedicated transport axle is located ahead of the toolbar providing better balance and maneuverability for handling tight turns. The planter is available in 24 rows with 30-in. spacing and is offered with mechanical metering or EdgeVac vacuum seed metering.

The 3660 planter features the exclusive scale package option that is available on all Air Seed Delivery planters in the 2010 Kinze product line. Both the 3800 and 3660 planters are available with the Air Seed Delivery system that features two centrally mounted, 55-bu. hoppers (110 total) for filling ease and convenience.

For more information, visit

Poly centrifugal pump

The new FMC-75-HYD poly centrifugal pump from Ace Pump Corporation combines the convenience and serviceability of Ace hydraulic-driven pumps with the corrosion resistance of a polypropylene wet end. This reliable new polypropylene model is designed for starter fertilizer and small sprayer applications. The performance is ideal for low flow rate, in-furrow chemical applications without the excess flow and heat of larger pumps.

For more information, call Ace Pump at 800/843-2293 or visit

Hydraulic drawbar

MBW's Hydraulic Drawbar helps keep pull-type implements such as sprayers, anhydrous side dressers, strip-till machines, and planters on track with accurate row tracking.

The Hydraulic Drawbar features a new, maintenance-free electronic sidehill sensor to provide enhanced accuracy and performance and a new lightbar display to provide more accurate readings of the drawbar position. A new gain setting allows for adjustment for different implements on-the-fly. A smaller, sleeker control box reduces cab clutter and features a RAM mounting system that fits any monitor bar.

For more information, call MBW at 712/668-4240 or visit

Prescription map formulas

Farm Works' Pro module is a powerful, yet easy-to-use prescription-generating tool. Prescriptions can be created from any type of precision agriculture data, including grid or management zone soil tests and yield. Users can select the product they wish to vary, such as fertilizer, and then select attributes that they wish to use, such as pH test results. The user enters the desired formulas to create the variable-rate application map. Formulas follow standard formatting such as that used by spreadsheet programs and can be written for use with a wide list of variable-rate application devices.

Formulas are saved in XML file formats and can be exchanged easily between different users. Formula-based prescriptions are included in Version 2010 of Pro. Current Farm Works customers who are on an Update Service Plan receive this new functionality free as part of the plan.

To learn more, call 800/225-2848 or visit

3D crop images

The Agri ImaGIS Satshot 3D and Satshot Mobile are the next generation of technology for precision ag mapping.

Satshot 3D is a new online mapping system that gives users the ability to take a 3D look at their crops. Information available for import includes yield maps, topography maps, soils maps and soil conductivity maps, along with free soil and color photo map downloads. Satshot 3D also will incorporate features of other commonly known mapping systems with 3D globe effects, such as easy pan, zoom and searching tools.

Satshot Mobile is designed for agricultural mapping on a cell phone. With no need for a bulky laptop, the cell phone application can be used for crop scouting and saving analysis back to the mapping system. Soon to be added within the Satshot Mobile product will be specific apps for the Google Android, Apple iPhone and Blackberry mobile systems with fully capable in-field GPS tracking functions.

To learn more, call Agri ImaGIS at 701/235-5767, send an e-mail to, or visit

Electric hopper door opener

Shur-Co introduces the ProTrap electric hopper door opener, a cleaner, easier and safer way to unload grain from a hopper-bottom grain trailer. The new door features a high-torque motor with a five-year, non-prorated warranty and high-efficiency planetary gear reduction. An electric brake automatically locks the hopper when it's not in use. A universal mounting bracket accommodates most trailer models. The preassembled mounting brackets are plated to protect against corrosion. A standard five-channel SMARTransmitter can run the tarp, front hopper, rear hopper and work lights or other 12v accessories available from Shur-Co.

To learn more, call Shur-Co at 800/474-8756 or visit


The new Q85x loader from Alo has a lifting capacity of 9,460 lbs., a breakout force of 10,560 lbs., and a lifting height of 198 in. The company has increased the bucket roll-back angle 6° to improve implement utilization.

The Alo loader control system (LCS) consolidates several major technical achievements into one system to give the user a new level of control. A dedicated hydraulic valve program is designed to enhance the performance and functionality of today's modern front loaders. The LCS has a uniquely designed and integrated flat face multi-coupling. A new, thumb-steered electronic joystick allows for easier, more precise operation.

For more information, call 800/361-7563 or visit

Seed corn

AgriGold announces three new Giant products: A6309, A6533 and A6632. To achieve a Giant designation, the new products had to have an average yield of 6.0 bu. better than all of the competitors and go head-to-head in more than 1,000 comparisons in their maturity category. The Giants also had to exhibit great agronomic characteristics like standability, plant health and good grain quality. AgriGold claims that the three new varieties bring exceptionally high yield potential.

Learn more at

Poly micro valves

Banjo Corporation announces the addition of Poly Micro Valves to its product line. The Micro Valves have 180° rotating handles and are made of precision-molded polypropylene, which is reinforced with fiberglass for additional strength. The new valves come standard with FKM viton-type seats and O-rings and a maximum 150 psi. The valves are available in ¼-, ⅜-, ½- and ¾-in. sizes.

For more information, call 765/362-7367 or visit

Backdraft dampers

The BackDraft Dampers from Imperial Systems Inc. help prevent a backdraft of air coming from the baghouse and traveling into the factory. The damper is gravity operated and balanced to minimize pressure loss and features back blast prevention and multi-inlet options for a zone system. The dampers are available in standard 4- to 48-in. diameters and are constructed of heavy-duty, fully welded, 7- and 10-gauge carbon steel.

For more information, call 800/918-3013 or visit

Sickle bar mower

The BEFCO 60-, 74-, 84- and 96-in. sickle bar mowers are ideal for mowing ditch banks, conservation acres and pond sides. The mowers feature a double-action sickle bar and double-action hydraulic cylinder for easy lifting- or cutting-angle adjustments. An automatic locking lever secures the cutting bar for transportation to and from the field. The mower is equipped with a cylinder stop to raise the cutting bar using the tractor's hydraulic system. The new mowers are capable of mowing 90° up and 75° down. They are quick-hitch compatible and are delivered with an extra cutting blade.

To learn more, call BEFCO at 252/977-9920 or visit

Flow rate monitor

The CDS-John Blue Company VisaGage II Flow Monitor enables growers to easily monitor flow rates of liquid products, helping to improve efficiency and profitability. Manufactured with chemical-resistant polypropylene adapters and clear PVC body with an additive for UV protection, the new flow monitor has no electronic parts that could potentially fail. Simply see the balls in line and know the rate is uniform. CDS-John Blue Company is offering flow monitors for spraying or fertilizer applications in single column or in sets of four flow monitor assemblies.

For more information, call CDS-John Blue at 760/772-5242 or visit

Vertical tillage technology

The Landoll VTplus is available in 23- to 33-ft. working widths. It was designed with the ability to anchor residue, handle shallow working depths, mix more soil, and provide better weed kill across the machine. It has the ability to level small ruts left by the previous operation. The gangs on the VTplus are set at a predetermined 10° angle. This angle combines with the ultra-shallow concavity blades to provide the lateral movement of soil needed to mix with the residue so it is anchored and not left on the surface.

To learn more, call 785/738-6613, send an e-mail to, or visit

Steel bins

CrustBuster/Speed King Inc. offers Multi-Use Steel Bins for storage and handling of grain, feed, seed or dry fertilizer. Versatile storage can be provided for pellets or any other free-flowing, dry granular commodity. Welded steel construction means there are no bolts to come loose or shear off. Interior walls are smooth. The top port can be opened or closed from the ground.

To learn more, call 620/227-7106 or visit

Agricultural accounting software

FarmFact Agricultural Accounting Software is offering its FarmFact installation software along with the new FarmFact Training Companion for sale at the National Farm Machinery Show. The FarmFact Training Companion will guide new users into the setup and entry process in an easy-to-use format. The training video is divided into segments to allow users to choose and view each component as needed. New users can view demonstrations about how to get started, making simple-to-complex entries, inventory, invoicing, check printing, production records and more.

FarmFact is also available online at Or for more information, call 800/841-5521.

Skid loaders

The Gehl 1640E skid loader has an overall machine weight of only 2,900 lbs. and measures as narrow as 3 ft. wide and 6.25 ft. tall, making it ideal for maneuvering through alleys, narrow doorways, aisles and corridors. A 24-hp Yanmar diesel engine adds power. The new skid loader has an 850-lb. rated operating capacity and 96 in. of lift height. The universal-style, quick-attach system makes attachment changes quick and easy.

The Gehl V270 skid loader has a powerful, 84-hp Yanmar turbo-diesel engine and a rated operating capacity of 2,700 lbs. A state-of-the-art lift arm provides more than 130 in. of lift height for easy truck and material loading. The lift arm design allows optimal views to the sides of the loader and a direct line of sight to the bucket cutting edge.

To learn more, call 262/334-9461 or visit

Monitor and camera system

The NUPIXX heavy-duty touch-screen monitor from Jansen Electronics is a simple, professional touch screen that requires minimal attention when changing camera views. One touch allows you to change camera views from quad screen to single camera view and enlarge the desired view. The main camera screen can be customized to your application. Choose from single, dual, triple or quad views. The touch-screen monitor comes complete with a heavy gauge steel mounting bracket that is equipped with four thumbscrews for added stability and security. The monitor housing is encased in cast aluminum to help the monitor withstand harsh environments. The quad processor and switching capabilities are built into the monitor to eliminate the need for additional external boxes or processors.

The heavy-duty IR camera has 20 IR lights for night illumination up to 60 ft. away. The camera comes complete with cable connectors and a 130-lb. direct pull magnet for stability in virtually any terrain. A 360°/180° swivel bracket allows for perfect mounting at any angle.

For more information, call 815/232-309 or visit

Corn saver

The Corn Saver Poly Gathering Shield from GVL Poly is a unique divider made of durable polyethylene. It features double-wall construction, a highly visible white wear point, threaded inserts for attaching rubber ear savers, header height control and the mounting framework. The design includes a smooth finish, built-in ear deflectors, a “bubble tip,” and a domed back. The built-in ear deflector and bubble tip are incorporated for use on chopping headers so the header can be run lower while optimizing speed of harvest. The bubble tip reduces the possibility of running the point into the ground while keeping the white wear point visible to the combine operator. The ear deflector eliminates the need to mount rubber deflectors to the top of the gathering shield.

The Corn Saver is available in 20- and 22-in. center row units, with 30-in. units available in the fall of 2010. For more information, call 888/657-3664 or visit

Liquid application system

Two seasons ago, Schaffert Manufacturing introduced the Out the Front fertilizer disc. The Out the Front fertilizer disc is placed between the gauge wheel and the press wheel, making it approximately 12 in. from the seed drop, and it works best in heavier soil types.

Based on user feedback, the company decided to come out with another model type, the Out the Back fertilizer disc. It is best used in lighter soil types. Both discs use a walking arm to equalize pressure on the fertilizer disc and closing wheel, and depth is adjustable.

For more information, call 800/382-2607 or visit


Environmental Tillage Systems Inc. (ETS) is bringing its steerable cart technology to the planter industry with the SeedWarrior. The seed and fertilizer distribution system creates an integrated approach to planting efficiency, accurate seed placement and increased productivity. The SeedWarrior is precision enabled, thus making it a precision-guided planter.

For more information, call ETS at 507/332-2231 or visit

135-ft. commercial bin

Sukup Manufacturing Company recently erected the world's largest free-span commercial bin, measuring 135 ft. in diameter with a peak height of 131 ft. The maximum capacity of the structure is 1,218,000 bu. The roof is supported by a heavy-duty internal rafter and purlin system, in addition to external roof rings. The roof is rated for 30,000 lbs. evenly distributed with a 40-psf ground snow load. Sidewall sheet seams are laminated to ensure a strong bond, and grade 8.2 bolts are used throughout. Stiffeners are made from 65,000-psi minimum tensile strength and have been computer engineered to be the strongest on the market. In addition to standard full-length stiffeners, the Sukup 135-ft. commercial bin also features intermediate anchor brackets that serve as stiffeners for the bottom ring of the bin and enable the bin to be unloaded in a single pass. Wind rings provide increased rigidity to the structure when it is empty.

To learn more, call Sukup at 641/892-4222 or visit

Round balers

Kuhn introduces two new variable-chamber round balers: the VB 2160, a 4×5 baler, and the VB 2190, a 4×6 baler. Both models are available with an open throat intake design, an OptiFeed non-cutting rotor, or a 14-knife Opticut integral rotor.

Kuhn says that its new VB balers provide high-performance throughput in diverse crop conditions. A pre-chamber ensures fast and consistent bale starting, and the Progressive Density System provides firm bales with moderate cores. Completed bales are secured with twine and/or net wrap through a fast, efficient tying cycle.

For more information, visit


Masters Choice Hybrids has been working to revolutionize specialty forage with high sugar levels that can be harvested in many versatile ways, including grazing, haylage or balage. MasterGraze BMR's extensive tiller network yields massive amounts of feed tonnage per acre compared to sorghum sudans. The Brown Mid Rib characteristics make the tonnage more digestible than other silage varieties. Lab analysis indicates MasterGraze has high protein levels, often up to 15 to 20%, and low lignin content. These qualities make the whole plant up to 30% higher in digestibility than other forages. MasterGraze often exceeds 5 tons of dry matter/acre with a high-quality yield in only 7 to 8 weeks.

To learn more, call 866/444-1044 or visit


Meyer 9500 Crop Max spreaders are available with vertical or combination expeller systems to match the product that needs to be spread. The easily detachable expeller systems allow for fast conversion to stockpile, or the addition of a silage extension package. Meyer strives to offer unmatched spread pattern and unprecedented capacity and versatility.

To learn more, call 800/325-9103 or visit

Trailer conveyor

The Trailer Conveyor System from Hoffmann Midwest Inc. mounts directly under the belly of a standard van trailer. The trailer is pulled by a single- or tandem-axle semi truck using a fifth-wheel hitch. The conveyor includes a floor grate that Hoffmann installs into the trailer's floor. You simply place a bulk seed box via a pallet jack or jumbo bag over the grate on the inside of the trailer and seed flows directly into the conveyor. Because a van trailer is roomier than a seed tender, it enables you to bring up to 11 bulk seed boxes into the field at one time — nearly 50% more than the capacity of most tenders. The conveyor rotates out and up from under the trailer via external control valves. The operator can regulate seed flow from any of three control stations that are within easy reach.

To learn more, call 618/458-7303, or visit

Weed wipe

The Handy Weed Wipe from Stull Feeders is available in 5- and 10-ft. lengths. Instead of spraying weeds, wipe the herbicides on the weeds without harming the grass underneath. The Handy Weed Wipe can be used on ATVs, UTVs and trucks. It comes with a hose to hook up to any size tank. Tanks are not included with the Handy Weed Wipe.

For more information, visit

Rotary cutter

The Schulte FX180 rotary cutter features a single-domed, 7-gauge, continuously welded deck to help shed debris during cutting. Schulte Industries Super Suction ½- × 4-in. blades with 6.5-in. overlap leave nothing behind. High blade tip speeds, along with additional room under the deck, allow for a better cut and better material flow. An 80° CV shaft allows for smooth power transmission during tight turns. The driveline on the cutter employs self-adjusting friction clutches.

To learn more, call Schulte at 800/404-6044 or visit

Precision ag software

Slingshot is a new approach to precision ag, powered by a major leap in connectivity. The new software solution from Raven Industries delivers advanced real-time kinematic (RTK) correction signal technology, high-speed Internet, and live, remote support right in the cab. It will allow wireless file transfer and vehicle observation.

Slingshot combines these capabilities with online services and Raven hardware to give custom applicators and growers the power to do their work at a new level of accuracy, simplicity and consistency. It can deliver these services in regions that previously couldn't maximize precision ag technology.

Visit the Raven booth to learn more about Slingshot. Visit to take a sneak peak. Or for more information, contact Raven at 800/243-5435 or visit

Control panel for irrigation systems

Reinke Manufacturing introduces a new touch-screen control panel for irrigation systems. The new RPM Preferred with Touch Technology is designed to allow a faster and more intuitive process for programming mechanized irrigation systems. Implemented shortcuts provide the control panel user with immediate access for programming end guns, phase converters, chemical pumps, well pumps and auxiliaries. User customization capabilities also allow for ease of tailoring water and chemical applications to match slope and soil conditions. The LCD panel is built on a Microsoft Windows platform.

The product is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and high humidity and is readable in sunlight. It is equipped with an integrated system scheduling application as well as capabilities for history logs, wet/dry ratios and weather data. The touch-screen panel also can be retrofitted into existing Reinke control panels.

To learn more, call Reinke at 402/365-7251 or visit

Energy crops

New switchgrass and sorghum seed varieties from Blade Energy Crops have been selected for use in the production of advanced biofuels and biopower. Blade has expanded its switchgrass lineup for 2010 by adding three improved varieties: EG 1101, EG1102 and EG 2101.

EG 1101 is an improved Alamo type, and EG 1102 is an improved Kanlow type. Both have been bred for high biomass yields and better vigor and establishment. They have shown superior conversion characteristics for biochemical and thermochemical processes. EG 2101 is an improved Cave-in-Rock type. It is more winter hardy than EG 1101 and EG 1102. A perennial, switchgrass can be used as a spring forage for cattle.

Blade is also booking seed for new high-biomass types of sorghum, ES 5200 and ES 5201. Both hybrids feature Skyscraper, a trait that provides a generation's worth of biomass yield improvement in a single step. EG 5200 and EG 5201 are suited to single-cut harvest systems. As an annual, sorghum provides a flexible, fast-growing source of biomass and fits well into established crop rotations.

Blade customers may be eligible for payments of up to 75% of seed and other establishment costs from the federal Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP). Check with your local Farm Service Agency office for program rules.

To learn more, call 877/498-7333 or visit


The new Freedom Mount series of loaders from Westendorf Manufacturing feature low-profile, box-I-beam arm construction. The operator can change attachments with the push of a button. The dismount design with automatic lock-on ensures the loader can be on or off in minutes without the need for tools, pins or troublesome stands.

To learn more, call 712/423-2762 or visit

Stationary loading chute

The new 16-ft. stationary loading chute from Winkel Manufacturing is made of heavy-duty, 12-gauge steel. It comes complete with to-the-top grated floor catwalk, steel side panels and all-steel, no-slip flooring designed to give years of service. A hand winch raises the floor level for pot-bellied semi trucks or lowers it for trailers. The total weight is 2,400 lbs. The wider, 36-in. inside width gives ample room for even the largest animals.

For more information, call 800/466-3606 or visit

Fabric buildings

Span-Tech Fabric Buildings are now available in 22 sizes ranging from 19 to 132 ft. in width. Almost any length is possible in each width. All widths can be mounted on the ground, on stem walls or on other approved structures. Some of the widths are designed with legs to provide higher center clearance. All of the buildings are great values for hay storage.

Span-Tech will be displayed in the Pride of the Farm/Conrad American booth, #4048. Visit the booth for more information, call Span-Tech at 800/553-1791, or visit

Tailgate step

The StepIt tailgate step for pickups takes away the strain of accessing the pickup truck bed. The product handles up to a 300-lb. load. The 34-in. distance between the step and handle provides good leverage for the user. Mount StepIt anywhere on the tailgate for ease of use by left- or right-handed users. The StepIt folds quickly and easily into a 12- × 18- × 1½-in. enclosure and does not interfere with tonneau covers. For free shipping, use Promo Code FS-09.

To learn more, call 800/557-6591 or visit

Power enhancer

ATO says its new Y-Series Common Rail PowerBox is an advanced and reliable power enhancer for modern farm equipment. The PowerBox generates a 20% increase in horsepower, reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% per acre, and is designed for quick, in-field installation. The product features engine/fuel-system-specific, dyno-tuned adjustment curves with 51 points of adjustment.

To learn more, visit

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