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New Products at the 2009 Show

Look for these new products at the National Farm Machinery Show, February 11–14, in Louisville, KY.

Grain Trailers
Jet grain trailers are designed with a patented, easy-opening grain door with a ramp and bevel edge. The door slides down the ramp when its movement is initiated. The weight of the commodity inside the door becomes kinetic energy inside the trailer. As the commodity passes through the opening, it exerts force against the bevel edge of the door to continue opening it. Stop by the Jet Company booth to see a demonstration of how the door works.

Other innovative features include sight windows, side chutes, hanging slopes, round hoppers and rounded slopes.

View videos depicting how the grain doors work at Or for more information, call 800/332-3117.

Tractor Parts
Steiner Tractor Parts specializes in restoration-quality parts for antique tractors. Parts are available for Allis Chalmers, Case, Cockshutt, Ford, Farmall/International, John Deere, Massey Harris & Ferguson, Minneapolis Moline and Oliver. A wide array of products is offered, including manifolds, sheet metal, seats, steering wheels, rims, emblems, mufflers, water pumps, gauges, lights and more. STP’s Web site features detailed pictures of each part, a user-friendly checkout system, an e-catalog and company blog. The site has tips, tricks and tractor restoration stories too.


Field Cultivator
Krause Corporation introduces the 5635 field cultivator in response to the need for improved seedbed preparation. All sizes of the new 5635 are available with Krause’s 24/7 Leveling Systems that use a combination of either three rows of tines or spikes with a reel for superior residue distribution and clod sizing. The Tractor Interface Center on the 5635 prevents hydraulic hoses from binding in turns in addition to providing storage for manuals, hydraulic hoses and light hookup for the high-visibility LED lights.

Available in sizes from 20 to 50 ft., the 5635 offers two shank mounts with a 180- to 190-lb. point load, a two-piece k-tine for non-rocky conditions, and a spring-cushioned mount with 15-in. trip height suitable for rocky soils. Both mounts are available in either an edge-on or flat shank design to optimize residue flow and desired soil mixing.

For more information, call Krause Corporation at 800/957-2873 or visit

Drift-reduction Nozzle
Lechler introduces a ceramic, air-induction, twin flat spray nozzle. The IDK-T drift-reduction nozzle is designed to be used alone to provide excellent coverage in dense foliage. A 120° pattern nozzle, the IDK-T features two angled spray fans that are positioned to spray 30° forward and backward of the boom. A working pressure range of 15 to 90 psi yields very coarse- to medium-droplet sizes with very low drift potential. The nozzles are ISO color coded with high-wearing, removable ceramic cores. They will fit most bayonet cap and nozzle body systems.

For more information, call 800/815-6710 or visit

Secure Covers
Secure Covers offer a clean, durable and strong system of securing silage plastic without the use of tires. The durable, UV-stable polyethylene mesh prevents damage to the silage sheet from animals and weather and carries a seven-year warranty. Gravel bags made of the same material are used with the Secure Covers to hold down the sheets. Secure Covers have been used by English farmers for eight years and are now available in the U.S. through Bag Man. Bag Man will help determine sizes for bunkers or piles.

To learn more, call 800/796-5333 or visit or www.

Integrated Display
Trimble’s new AgGPS FmX Integrated Display can work as either a stand-alone manual guidance system or as part of an automated guidance and implement steering system, such as the Trimble AgGPS Autopilot automated steering system and AgGPS EZ-Steer 500 assisted steering system. The 12.1-in., color touch-screen display and controller features two integrated, high-performance GNSS receivers for both tractor and implement guidance. Also integrated into the unit are 450- or 900-MHz radios and external video input. Both GNSS receivers can offer a range of accuracy levels without the need to add external receivers. With an RTK subscription, the system is capable of repeatable 1-in. accuracy. With DGPS, HP/XP, RTK, GLONASS, and dual receiver options, both receivers are already integrated and available for activation.

The FmX Integrated Display is “future proof,” because the upgrades are already built in for tomorrow’s technology. The user just turns on the service to upgrade as needed; no additional equipment is required.

For more information, call 800/874-6253, or visit agriculture to find a reseller near you.

Telemetry Device
Reinke Manufacturing Company says its new OnTrac is the first satellite-based telemetry device offered by a center pivot manufacturer. Producers can choose from a variety of monitoring options, including pivot status of either running or stopped, water status of either wet or dry, and actual pressure reporting via a pressure transducer. Other options include system direction, actual system location in the field via Reinke Manufacturing’s exclusive Navigator GPS controls, rainfall, and a span cable monitoring/theft device. A collection of more than 42 low-Earth-orbiting satellites virtually guarantee that producers will get good reception. A grower can contact the OnTrac unit with a simple phone call or text message, and/or from a personalized, secure Web site.

To learn more, visit

New Herbicide
The new Cadet herbicide from FMC Corporation helps corn and soybean producers control a number of weeds, including velvetleaf, pigweed, lambsquarters, waterhemp and nightshade. Cadet is a reliable, effective tankmix partner with a variety of other herbicides, including glyphosate. At a standard rate of 0.4 to 0.5 oz./acre, Cadet helps deliver superior postemergence activity on a variety of key weeds, including resistant biotypes.

To learn more, call 215/299-6302 or visit

GoBob SuperMach
GoBob Pipe & Steel Sales offers SuperMach all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility vehicles (UTVs). Its 700 Series UTVs come with a standard winch, 4-wd, CD player, dump bed and 2-in. receiver hitch. Financing is available.

Contact GoBob at 877/851-2365 or

Seed Corn Products
Bo-Jac offers a variety of top new EliteOptions seed corn products from several trait providers. The Bo-Jac 9444-110 RM-Agrisure 3000 GT (quad stack) features strong, new genetics for this maturity with good stress tolerance and excellent response to high management on good soils. Both 7443 LibertyLink and 4434 non-genetically modified versions are available for refuge.

The Bo-Jac 9294-106 RM-Herculex Xtra (triple stack) is a new widely adapted early hybrid. In addition to having excellent roots and good stalks, the variety had a 240.3-bu. average in three ILNO F.I.R.S.T. trials. The 7294 LibertyLink and 3294 non-genetically modified versions are available for refuge.

Gateway 8812-111RM-VT3 (triple stack) is a new genetic combination for this maturity. The variety has averaged 238 bu./acre, or 12 bu. over plot averages, with good roots, stalks, fall health and appearance.

Contact Bo-Jac Seed Company at 800/397-2069 or visit

Cross-cut System
The Roto Cross Cut system delivers a unique, crossed and continuous partial cut of cornstalks. In each row, more than 100 radial knives interact with 10 axial knives during forward motion to partially cut the stalk both horizontally and vertically. The resulting crossed and continuous partial cut is axial and radial at the same time. Integrated, horizontally parallel, knife-roll technology and an additional vertically radial multiblade system process and prepare the stalks to decompose easier and faster.

To learn more about the Roto Cross Cut technology, visit

Solar Greenhouses
Simply Solar small greenhouses feature one-piece fiberglass construction in a Gothic arch shape to triple the space for growing. The greenhouses have 90% UV-blocking agents built right in to prevent plant shutdown or plant burning. The Simply Solar Greenhouse comes with a 10-year warranty.

To learn more, visit

Pull-type Injectors
The Hydro Engineering 34- and 46-ft. pull-type drag-hose injection toolbars come with a standard 12-in. sweep shank or the Dietrich 60 Series minimum-till shanks and can also be custom built to fit many other types of injector shanks. The main advantage of a pull-type injector over a 3-pt. hitch injection toolbar is that it takes the weight of the wide toolbar off the back of a tractor. In the past, drag-hose injection toolbars had to be mounted to the tractor because the drag hose would pull around the pull-type injectors. Hydro Engineering’s double swivel lets the pull-type injectors turn around at the end of the field without taking the toolbar completely out of the ground. This means the toolbar can go around the drag hose without being pulled sideways.

With the Hydro Equalizer Manifold, each injector on a wide toolbar with 17 to 23 or more shank manure injectors gets the same amount of manure, no matter how far the injector is from the manifold. The Equalizer Manifold also helps reduce plugging problems in injection lines with a pulsating action that the manifold creates, reducing crop streaking problems.

To learn more, call 800/833-5812 or visit

Live Floors
The Meyer “Boss” 8100 and 9100 Series live floors offer fast and safe unloading of silage, grain, bedding, mulch or commodities. Producers can expect a 30- to 90-sec. unload time, depending on the size and drive system. Size options include 18- to 30-ft. versions for straight trucks, 30- to 36-ft. versions for semitrailers and 18- to 26-ft. versions for tandem ag trailers. The 9100 Series floors have uprights on 16-in. centers and stainless steel sides. Solid poly floors and tubular floor supports are standard equipment. Options include barn doors, tarp systems, grain kit, screen or solid extension packages.

Contact Meyer Manufacturing Corporation at 800/325-9103 or

Trailer Sprayers
Fast designed its new 9600 line of agricultural trailer sprayers to prevent crop damage while maintaining productivity and operating ease. The sprayer line is equipped with Fast’s new compact Stealth Tank and patent-pending, hydraulic telescoping hitch with up to an 80-ft. boom. The features provide a shorter wheelbase, which minimizes trailer drift, known as dog-tracking, on side hill applications and at headlands.

Tanks are available in 1,050- and 1,300-gal. sizes and include a long, sloping trough-style sump with additional 12-in. drop down for excellent tank drainage. Booms are available in 60- to 100-ft. sizes with new Flow Back shutoff valves from TeeJet and no-drip nozzle outlets at various spacings. Standard features on the 9600 Series models include powder coat; baked-on paint; a hydraulic-driven, high-performance product pump; simple-to-use, streamlined plumbing system; 100-gal. rinse system; Raven 450 controller; adjustable axle from 61 to 120 in.; 2-in. bottom fill; and numerous tire and rim options.

For more information, call 800/772-9279 or visit

Grain-saving Corn Head
The Drago corn head features automatic, self-adjusting deck plates. Each row individually adjusts to the stalk width on the go, without operator assistance, thus greatly reducing the amount of grain loss. The Drago corn head is available in nearly any size and row width — from a four-row, 30-in. model up to the 18-row, 30-in. model. Dragotec USA is the North American distributor of the Drago corn head with more than 70 dealer/distributor locations throughout the United States.

For more information, call Dragotec at 515/889-2723 or visit

Planter Display
The Kinze Cobalt Planter Display System uses simple, touch-screen manual controls to help the operator monitor seed population and spacing by row, average seed population, average seed spacing, ground speed and target seed rate population. Seed rate is controlled via settings that are predetermined by the operator. Color bar graphs display up to 36 rows simultaneously in front/rear or rear-only configurations.

For more information, call Kinze at 319/668-1300 or visit

More Comfortable Mower
The Next Lazer Z Mower from Exmark includes dozens of enhancements that will reduce maintenance, improve traction and handling, and make the mower safer and more comfortable. The mower’s new UltraCut Series 6 cutting deck was created by combining the best features of the UltraCut Series 4 and Triton cutting decks. A custom Hydro Drive System has no hoses and features a serviceable pump and motor, tougher bearings, and an improved cooling system for better productivity and increased oil capacity.

Exmark created an entirely new seating system to lessen operator fatigue. A three-dimensional motion-isolation layout helps reduce vibrations, bumps and jarring. Rubber mounts allow ½-in. free movement in all directions.

The Next Lazer Z’s unibody frame sits close to the ground, which allows for the optimum placement of the mower’s heaviest components and helps to improve the center of gravity.

For more information, visit

The 64 Metals Legacy Series Truss System has redefined metal building construction. The Easy Span Steel Scissor Truss offers 33% more usable overhead space when compared to the traditional wood truss. The Legacy Truss can be ordered in clear span widths up to 100 ft. A fully integrated support system of high-strength turnbuckle cables and metal wind bracing affords superior strength and lasting durability. The Legacy Building kit requires fewer components than other kits, thereby reducing installation labor by up to 25%.

For more information, visit

Farm Works Pro
Farm Works Pro software is designed for growers, co-ops, agronomy dealers and custom applicators. The new software is used in the office to provide critical analysis tools for multiyear yield averaging, also known as normalizing. It also has the ability to use formulas in creating prescription maps for variable-rate applications. Pro can help with profit/loss mapping by creating a layer for each crop enterprise year and integrating financials with precision maps. For example, a user could view a profit map based on seed variety and variable-rate application maps along with yield. The user manually enters each input cost by using the Trac and Site office software programs that offer field records and basic mapping. If Funds is integrated into the package, “true” input costs from the checkbook will flow into the profit/loss map for the user. The Farm Works Trac and Site office software are required modules of Pro.

For more information, visit

Centrifugal Pumps
The 2- and 3-in. Wet Seal Poly Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps from Banjo have a new compact design. The double seal is contained in an ethylene glycol reservoir. The pump end is separated from the engine. Large weep holes are located between the pump end and the engine. The v-shape allows for quicker priming.

Learn more at

Vertical Tillage
HCC announces that its Smart-Till is now available in a 20-ft. model — the ST 203. The Smart-Till enhances no-till/minimum-till field practices and is a soil, manure, pasture, and hay management implement. A patented, self-sharpening, three-tine helical design allows soil to be fractured more than 8 in. deep. Tines easily adjust 0° to 10°.

The Smart-Till ST 203 has a 20-ft. working width, with a 15-ft. transport width at its widest point. It features a three-section, wing-up design, 10-ft. center section and 5-ft. wings. Wings provide 40° of total flex, with 10° down and 30° up. Tillage gangs and harrow gangs are independently adjustable in changing conditions. The Smart-Till ST 203 is available with optional rotary harrows.

Contact HCC Inc. at 815/539-9371 or

Utility vehicle
Kawasaki added a digital, fuel-injected V-twin engine to the wide-body chassis of its Teryx recreational utility vehicle (RUV) to create the new Teryx 750 FL 4 x 4 Sport for 2009. Upgraded, fully adjustable, high-performance suspension components and cast aluminum wheels also were added for the new model year. The RUV has a digital fuel injection (DFI) system that automatically compensates for altitude and temperature changes. The system uses a sophisticated mix of sensors, including inlet air pressure, throttle, crankshaft, speed, water temperature and vehicle-down sensors.

A 7.4-gal. fuel tank and a 500-lb.-capacity, gas-assisted tilting cargo bed give the new RUV the range and cargo abilities for long-distance fun.

To learn more, visit

The new 5000 Series manure spreaders from Sioux Automation Center are available in truck-mounted or trailer models, in sizes from 16 to 22 ft. A quiet, variable-speed hydraulic drive powers a three-chain apron. The sides and floor of the spreader are made of high-density, ¾-in. poly and feature stainless steel retainers to reduce material buildup and provide long-term durability. Vertical beaters provide an excellent spread pattern of wet or dry material. The beater assembly can be easily removed for stockpiling. Larger units come standard with scale-mounting brackets, making the addition of a scale system quick and easy. Silage kits are available to convert the spreader to a silage wagon.

To learn more, call Sioux Automation Center at 866/722-1488, or visit

Primary Seeder
The Seed-Rite primary seeder is new this year from BEFCO. The Seed Rite is equipped with 10-high precision metering cups to ensure a perfectly even and accurate spread throughout the full width of the unit. A ground-driven seedbox allows seed to be spread only when the tractor is moving. The Seed Rite has a working width of 72 in. and a working speed of up to 8 mph.

For more information, call 252/977-9920, or visit

Power Center
The GPC 2050 is a three-in-one workhorse, with a 225-amp welder; a 5,000-watt AC generator designed to run power tools and lights; and a 24-cfm compressor to run air tools and fill tires. A control panel houses all controls and switches needed to operate the unit. The GPC 2050 is suited for vehicle, equipment and agricultural fleet maintenance and light- to medium-duty service/repair.

For more information, call 800/328-7730 or visit

Utility Tractors
John Deere has a new line of utility tractors, ranging from 45 to 104 engine horsepower.

The 5D and 5E Series range from 45 to 75 engine horsepower. The 5D Series is only offered with a 2-wd axle; the 5E offers 2-wd or mechanical-front-wheel-drive (MFWD) configurations. These open-station tractors feature synchronized transmissions designed for smooth shifting and easy-to-reach, color-coded controls for simple operation.

The 5E Limited Series tractors have a 83- to 101-hp range. These units have more deluxe features including a cab PowerReverser transmission, wet traction clutch, and MFWD axle.

The 5M Series tractors are available in a 65- to 105-hp range. This series offers more weight, a wet clutch design and enhanced serviceability. Features and options for this series include cabs, 2-wd and MFWD, more hydraulic flow and capacity, and a durable frame specifically designed for loaders. All 5 Series tractors can be matched with a variety of implements offered by John Deere and Frontier Equipment.

Learn more at

Compost Turner
The model 17.50 is the most popular self-propelled compost turner in the Backhus lineup. The machine will handle a 16- x 7.9-ft. windrow at 3,600 cu. yds./hr., weighs 21,600 lbs., and exerts only 17.2 psi of ground pressure with several different track options. Cab features include joystick control, an air filtration system, air conditioning and radio/CD/MP3 player. A fuel-efficient, 302-max-hp, 8.3-liter Cummins Tier III engine powers the 17.50. Soil Solutions Company, Lafayette, IN, serves as the Backhus distributor in the Midwestern United States.

Visit Booth 3025 in South Wing C. Or for more information, call 765/572-2844 or visit 

Sprayer Pump
The new Ace 750 Max Series pump features Oasis WetSeal technology to prevent run-dry and abrasive seal failures. Oversized bearings, e-coated castings, a 4,000-psi hydraulic motor and slower operating speeds also contribute to exceptional reliability. A maximum pressure of 150 psi and a maximum flow of 290 gpm satisfy demanding application requirements.

For more information, call 800/843-2293 or visit

Hay Accumulator
The Out-Front Hay Accumulator is built of strong, tubular steel. It is easily maneuverable, has no moving parts and can be attached to a skid loader or the front end of a tractor.

To learn more, call 770/377-4158 or visit

Hay Tarp
The new Hay Saver Hay Tarp, from Inland Tarp & Cover, is made to fit any size round bale from 4 to 6 ft. in diameter. Available in a standard length of 52 ft., the Hay Saver can accommodate eight or nine 6-ft. bales and 12 to 13 4-ft. bales. It is manufactured from standard 7-oz., silver/white, 14-mil. hay tarp material and uses the same triangle/strap design of the popular Bull Flex hay tarps.

To learn more, call 800/429-8277 or visit

Wireless Taillights
The EasyOn wireless taillights from Livestock Concepts are remote-controlled from inside the vehicle. No tools are needed to magnetically attach the lights to a trailer or vehicle in 5 min. or less. The lights can be used as brake lights, turn signals, flashers and running lights. There are no wires to connect; the lights use two D-size batteries.

For more information, call 800/225-7399, or visit

Rotary Cutter
The Schulte FX-315/310 rotary cutter has a new residue distribution tailboard to ensure maximum distribution while maintaining a safe working environment. A heavy-duty drive package includes a 260-hp splitter box and 190-hp right-angle boxes. A single-domed, sweep-clean deck design eliminates excess weight, while reducing debris buildup and preventing rust-causing moisture. Variable position shrouding allows the user to change material flow underneath the cutter to maximize shredding and distribution.

For more information, call 800/404-6044 or visit

Bull Feeder
The Pride of the Farm division of Hawkeye Steel Products is showing a new mineral feeder at the National Farm Machinery Show. The model PIBF Indastructa Bull Feeder can accommodate two standard mineral or salt blocks and up to 100 lbs. of loose mineral. The unit features the same rubber flap designs as the current DuraBull feeder. The cost of shipping the PIBF is greatly reduced. The new model nests and can easily be shipped by ground package service.

For more information, call 800/553-1791 or visit

Micronutrient and Fertilizer Spreader
Operators can broadcast up to four products in one application with the new MultiBin micronutrient and fertilizer spreader from Highway Equipment Company, a leading manufacturer of New Leader multipurpose agricultural spreaders. The MultiBin reduces the number of trips across the field, helping to decrease fuel costs, labor hours and soil compaction. The MultiBin transforms a single hopper into three hoppers. The front two hoppers dispense fertilizer products, while the single hopper at the rear dispenses micronutrients or seeding products. The micronutrient hopper also can be split to create a fourth hopper. Constructed of 304 stainless steel to prevent corrosion, the MultiBin is specifically designed for new L4000G4 spreaders but will retrofit into a previously purchased L4000G4.

To learn more, call 800/363-1771 or visit

The GVM 7300 Hydra Spray is built specifically for small fields and fenced-in pastures that are hard to reach with a typical applicator. The unit has a 90-in. wheel track for easier passage through gates to spray or spread pastures and hay fields. The GVM 7300 Hydra Spray is built on a 4 x 4 International chassis. It comes standard with a five-speed, 3500 Series Allison transmission and a two-speed transfer case and is rated for road speeds up to 55 mph.

To learn more, call 866/677-4510 or visit

Simplified Display
The Edge display from Ag Leader combines a greater level of simplicity with SeedCommand planter control, Direct Command application control and yield-monitoring capabilities to meet precision farming needs. The Edge display features a rugged, moisture-resistant design, easy-to-use interface and 6.5-in. color touch screen. Other capabilities include the AutoSwath automatic planter section/applicator shutoff feature, real-time mapping and data-logging, variable-rate application and plug compatibility with Ag Leader’s InSight display.

Contact Ag Leader Technology at 515/232-5363 or visit

First Big Bud
The 1/16-scale model of the Big Bud HN 320 was crafted with incredible detail. The real tractor was built in Havre, MT, more than 40 years ago. The initials “HN” represent Willie Hensler and Bud Nelson who built the tractor after their Wagner dealership was stripped away when Deere purchased Wagner. Big Bud HN 320 is a little brother of the Big Bud 747, the largest tractor in the world. The model, and a book about the Big Bud 747 written by John Harvey, are available at the Classic Tractor Fever booth in the Family Living Center.

Learn more at

Snow Blades
Worksaver designed its new SBS Series of snow blades for skid steers and its SBFL Series for tractor loaders. The snow blades are able to angle left or right for easier use and feature a 90-in. width and 3/8- x 6-in. cutting edge of 1044 steel. Other features include a reinforced, 27-in.-high, 10-gauge moldboard and free-floating blade to clean uneven surfaces. Adjustable-depth skid shoes come standard. A universal, quick-attach mounting system is built into the skid steer models and offers easy access to the operator’s seat. Optional interfacing quick-attach brackets are available for all models.

To learn more, visit Booth 3013 at the show. Or call 217/324-5973 or visit

Irrigation System
T-L Irrigation Company designed its new Ultra Linear System to maximize irrigated areas using one machine. The Ultra can adapt to differing field layouts. When in a Linear Mode, the system uses furrow, cable, concrete ditch or buried wire to guide the system laterally. Precision Linear Control allows users to select varying water applications according to distance along the travel path in the Linear Mode. It also can be programmed to control the end gun, plus auto-stop and auto-reverse locations. When in Pivot Mode, the spans rotate around a stationary, four-wheel tractor pivot point, enabling adjacent parallel fields to be irrigated with one system. Water supply options include drag hose, side-ditch or straddle-ditch configurations.

Contact T-L Irrigation Company at 800/330-4264 or

Dry Grain Bagger
Richiger’s new R10 Dry Grain Bagger from Show-Me Shortline Company features an oversized 18-in. compression auger that will bag grain at up to 23,600 bu./hr. The tunnel is specially shaped for uniform grain bag filling and consistent grain bag contour. Other features include hydraulic brakes for precise and uniform bag filling. Grain side shields on the grain pan help prevent grain movement around the bag. The electric bag winch, quick road-transport system and hydraulic leveling increase operating efficiency.

Visit Show-Me Shortline Company at Booth 3031. Or for more information, call the company at 573/682-5514.

The GM 170 grinder-mixer offers a convenient, self-contained hydraulic system that controls the intake auger and the unload auger. The overhead discharge auger design accommodates unloading into bins up to 24 ft. high with the optional 6-ft. extension. Other options include a swinging intake auger, 3-ft. discharge extension, scales, fenders and a transport lighting kit.

Contact H & S Manufacturing Company at 715/387-3414 or visit

Solar Power for Truck Tarps
The Solar Power Pack from Shur-Co. uses sunshine to power truck tarp systems without wiring the truck. A solar panel converts the sun’s energy into electrical power to charge its battery. A weatherproof plastic layer protects the high-efficiency silicon cells, and the extruded aluminum frame is slotted for mounting hardware. The unit can be mounted wherever an electric tarp system can be installed, such as a grain trailer, grain cart or dump body. The Solar Power Pack kit includes solar panel, battery and charger, mounting brackets, wiring, and connectors.

To learn more, stop by Booths 160-162 at the show, call 800/474-8756, or visit

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