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Cimate change; Mendtite; Fox chopper; Butler bins


Chris Malichky, in his letter about climate change, has fallen into the same trap as the experts in Hollywood. In the tiny time frame we can accurately measure, the earth is undoubtedly warming. The question, however, is not how we stop it, but how we deal with it in a broader sense.

China and India have 650 coal-fired power plants under construction right now. If every qualified country signed and abided by the Kyoto Protocol, those plants alone would still produce five times the CO2 reduced by that pact. Should the enlightened countries of the world invade China and India to stop global warming, or should we accept the fact that climate changes and life on earth adapts to suit the environment? Given the weak evidence that humans can radically influence climate, a better direction would be to let the market adjust the way it has already with cropping choices.

Tony Blair, a politician, would favor government control over a free market that has functioned, over time, to make needed adjustments in man's incredible advances in living standards. In 50 years Kyoto would reduce the temperature increase by .11°F and cost the U.S. economy, alone, $400 billion (Sallie Baliunas, Ph.D, astrophysicist, Harvard University). A disproportionate share of that cost would be borne by the poor.

As resources become more scarce, all the practices to keep farming profitable conserve those resources and limit the waste that might contribute to global warming. History has shown government-controlled economies pollute more than free ones. Let's not make the same mistakes that have produced the ecological disasters of Russia and China.
Fritz Groszkruger
Dumont, IA


Do you know where I can find Mendtite? It is a sealant for radiators in tractors.
Clarion Swenson
Sandwich, IL

Contact Twinco Romax, 4635 Willow Dr., Medina, MN 55340, 800/682-3800, The company is a distributor of automotive aftermarket products.


I need parts for a 3000 Fox Chopper with a 6-ft. pickup. Can you help?
Louis Vogel
Roanoke, IL

Contact Hiniker Company, 58766 240th St., Mankato, MN 56002, 800/433-5620,


I am looking for a Butler Manufacturing grain bin. I would appreciate any help you could give me.
Russell Ash
White Hall, IL

Butler Manufacturing is still in business selling construction materials and services. However, it sold its grain bin division to CTB Inc. in 1997. The bins are now called Brock bins. Contact CTB Inc., Box 2000, Milford, IN 46542, 574/658-4191,

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