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BMW hydrogen-powered car; Clare furnace; Whip Battery Protector; Century welder; Fox chopper


In the August 2007 issue of Farm Industry News, there was an editorial about a German BMW hydrogen-powered car [“The next fuel?” page 4]. It was interesting, except that you wrote the car's motor was a 760-liter, 12-cyl. engine.

I have a 200-hp tractor with an 8-liter engine. My son has a Dodge truck with an 8-liter V-10 engine. Accordingly, the BMW engine would have 19,000 hp! That sounds a bit excessive, even for the Autobahn!

As my mother used to say about her bookkeeping errors: [You're] only a decimal point (or two) off!
Dennis Keppler
St. Olaf, IA

Mr. Keppler is right. We omitted the decimal point. The new hydrogen-powered BMW has a 7.6-liter engine.

We thank all of our readers who told us of the missing decimal point. What a difference a dot makes!


Where can I find parts for a Clare furnace?
Kenneth Everett
Fletcher, OH

International Comfort Products (ICP) purchased Clare and handles Clare furnace parts. ICP is owned by United Technologies Corporation. Contact ICP, 650 Heil-Quaker Ave., Lewisburg, TN 37091, 800/458-6650,


Just read the latest Farm Industry News. Always like to check out the Talk section.

For your information, we stock and sell the Whip Battery Protector and we have access to the Perfect Hitch [see August 2007, page 52]. Our contact information is John Day Company, 6263 Abbott Dr., Omaha, NE 68102, 800/767-2273,

Keep up the good work.
Kent Zimmerman
Agricultural Sales Manager
John Day Company


I would like to know if I can get parts for a Century 125G1 wire feed welder.
Arnold Krafka
O'Neill, NE

In 2003, Lincoln Electric Company of Cleveland, OH, purchased the Century welding and cutting equipment business of Clore Automotive LLC. For replacement parts for a Century welder, call the parts department of Lincoln Electric at 866/236-0044, extension 22.


I am looking for parts for a 3000 Fox chopper with a 6-ft. pickup.
Louis Vogel
Roanoke, IL

Contact Hiniker Company, 58766 240th St., Mankato, MN 56002, 800/433-5620,


Where can one find parts for a snowblower manufactured by Hanson Equipment Company?
Joe Biedenharn
Clifton, IL

Contact Hanson Products, 2141 N. Central Ave., Rockford, IL 61101, 815/316-1096,

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