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2011 FinOvation Awards

2011 FinOvation Awards


The 2011 FinOvation Award winners cover the spectrum of new products that growers need for their corn and soybean crops. This year’s 22 winners run from small wind turbines and a fuel-efficient pickup to a Class 10 combine and drought-tolerant hybrids. Farm Industry News chose these products as the most innovative agricultural products of 2010, based on reader interest. All of the new products appeared in Farm Industry News or on during the past 12 months.

Combine header: AGCO flex draper header

The new DynaFlex draper header built by AGCO impressed farmers who first saw it a year ago at the fall farm shows. Its unique design allows the crop to flow in head first to produce an even flow of grain. Twin sickle drives are timed and balanced to run quietly. The pressure on the cutterbar may be adjusted from the cab from 8 in. of flexibility to completely rigid. This allows the grower to move the header down very low under the crop to harvest as many pods as possible. The mechanically driven draper features a one-piece reel that eliminates the bunching that often results from a split-reel design, according to the company.

Prices: $81,000 for a 40-ft. model; $73,800 for a 35-ft. model; and $64,500 for a 30-ft. model. For more information, visit,, or

Combine, Class 8 and higher: Claas Lexion 770

The Lexion 770, the largest in the new 700 series of combines from Claas, is designed for high throughput capacity. Rated at 523 hp, this Class 10 machine provides the largest surface area for threshing and separation than any combine in the industry, according to Scott Wellensiek, product manager for Claas of America. “Couple that with the most dynamic cleaning shoe, which allows you to save that grain,” he says. “More grain in the tank, more money in the bank.”

Features of the Lexion 770 include a new deluxe cab, fully independent track suspension system (with a 25-mph option on the 750TT), two new chopper options to manage residue, faster electrical and hydraulic systems, and an enhanced Claas electronic on-board information system (CEBIS) that allows for total machine control, remote monitoring, and Claas telematics for fleet management.

Suggested list price for the Corn Package model: $600,770. For more information, visit

Combine, Classes 6 and 7: AGCO Gleaner S7

Last fall, AGCO launched a super-sized version of its Gleaner R6 transverse rotor combine called the Super Seven, or S7 for short. Two models, the Class 6 Gleaner S67 and Class 7 Gleaner S77, are rated 314 and 370 hp, respectively, and offer the largest standard grain bin in the industry — 330 bu. on the S77. Owners may upgrade to a 390-bu. bin. A larger processor, called the Tritura, offers more capacity to handle today’s higher-yielding crops.

Powered by a Sisu Power 8.4 CWA-4V liquid-cooled, turbocharged engine equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, the combines are the first to meet Interim Tier 4 emissions standards while delivering a decrease in fuel consumption. At just 31,000 lbs., the Gleaner S7 models are the lightest Class 6 and 7 rotary combines on the market.

Suggested list prices of the Gleaner S7 series range from $319,000 to $365,165. For more information, visit

Tractors, High-horsepower, 4-wd: Case IH Steiger and New Holland T9

Case IH and New Holland launched new series of 4-wd tractors equipped with a number of industry-leading features. These include the first Interim Tier 4-compliant engines with Selective Catalytic Technology (SCR), industry-leading horsepower (660 to 670 peak engine hp), industry-first cab suspension, industry-leading hydraulics (up to 113-gal./min. flow rate through eight valves), and two frame sizes — standard 36 in. wide for row-crop flexibility, or 44 in. wide for broad-acre farms.

Suggested list prices: $250,000 to $425,000 for Steiger models; $245,000 to $420,000 for T9 models. For more information, contact your nearest Case IH or New Holland dealer, or visit


Row-crop tractors: John Deere 8R/8RT series

In 2009, John Deere launched the 8R/8RT series, the replacement to its 8030 series row-crop tractors, offering customers more horsepower, good fuel economy, and a redesigned cab with high-end comfort features and 10% more space. Deere revamped the series in 2010 with “smart” tractor features and Interim Tier 4-compliant, PowerTech PSX 9.0-liter engines that deliver up to 360 rated engine hp and 288 PTO hp.

ActiveCommand Steering, a steer-by-wire system used in place of a conventional steering shaft, intervenes in the steering control circuit to improve driving safety and comfort. Other smart features include a new touch-screen GreenStar 3 CommandCenter with integrated guidance and row shutoff and Deere’s telemetry products called JDLink and Service Advisor Remote, which allow for vehicle tracking, remote diagnostics and wireless data transfer.

For more information, visit

Utility vehicle: John Deere XUV

The John Deere Gator is one of the most popular utility vehicles among farmers, and the new models released last summer will only increase their popularity. The new XUV (crossover utility vehicle) models are more powerful, faster and more comfortable than any Gator model in the past. The new XUVs include the 825i with a 50-hp engine and top speed of 44 mph, the 855D diesel model with a 25-hp engine, and the 625i-gal. EFI model with a 23-hp engine that tops out at 32 mph.

Even the cargo box was upgraded to deluxe with a hybrid metal and composite material that won’t scratch or rattle. The sides of the cargo box lift off to make the box into a flatbed.

Prices for these XUV Gators start at $11,199 for the 825i; $9,899 for the 625i; and $11,299 for the 855D. For more information, visit

Grain handling: Brandt Auger Max Bin Sensor

Brandt introduced a sensor that mounts on an auger and sends an alert to a wireless pager when the grain pile in a bin or truck reaches the sensor. Called Auger Max, the device offers convenience because a grower using it doesn’t need to climb up a bin or truck to check on the grain level. The pager will beep, vibrate and flash to alert the wearer that the bin is full. The Auger Max communicates wirelessly up to 100 yds.

The battery-operated auger module is equipped with an amber light for operation after dark. It also includes a rear-facing red flashing light that may be used when transporting the auger.

Base list price: $755. For more information, call Brandt at 866/427-2638 or visit

Tillage: Salford RTS XT

Heavy crop residue in cornfields has driven high interest in tillage equipment. Readers were particularly interested in the new tillage tool called RTS XT from Salford. The RTS XT (Residue Tillage Specialist Extreme) is considered vertical tillage with the benefits of a disk. It cuts and distributes crop residue while warming the soil for seeding. The tool with its coil-tech coulters runs at high speeds. It is available in widths from 12 to 50 ft.

List price of a 36-ft. XT is $83,998, including harrow kit. For more information, contact Salford, Dept. FIN, 925 Furnas Dr., Osceola, IA 50213, 866/442-1293, or visit

Seed treatment: Monsanto Acceleron

Seed treatments are now packed full of protection, and the beefed-up Acceleron for soybeans from Monsanto is no exception. Acceleron for soybeans includes fungicides, an insecticide and a plant health agent. For soybeans, Acceleron’s fungicides are pyraclostrobin and metalaxyl to provide control of seedborne and soilborne diseases, including those caused by Pythium, Fusarium, Phytophthora and Rhizoctonia. The product contains the insecticide imidacloprid for protection against early season insect pests, including aphids and bean leaf beetles. This product and Acceleron for corn were widely used in 2010.

For more information, visit

Seed treatment: Valent Inovate

Valent launched a new soybean fungicide/insecticide seed treatment called Inovate. This product contains clothianidin insecticide with a combination of ipconazole and metalaxyl fungicides (Rancona Xxtra) from Chemtura Corporation. The three active ingredients offer a powerful package of protection against diseases and insects during early soybean development. Inovate contains Valent’s Lock Tight seed treatment technology with a built-in polymer system and other ingredients to reduce dust, residue and bridging during planting.

For more information, visit

Crop protection, herbicide: Bayer CropScience Capreno

New modes of action are rare in the crop protection business. So the new Capreno postemergence herbicide from Bayer CropScience drew attention for its new ALS inhibitor (thiencarbazone-methyl) that is combined with the active ingredient in Laudis (tembotrione). Combined, the two modes of action will handle trough grass and broadleaf weeds throughout the season. Jeff Springsteen of Bayer says university trials showed Capreno successfully controlled 65 grass and broadleaf weeds, including lambsquarters, velvetleaf and crabgrass, in corn.

Capreno should be applied within two to five weeks after weed emergence. It is formulated with a safener to reduce potential adverse crop response.

For more information, call Bayer CropScience at 866/992-2937, or visit

Corn seed trait: Pioneer Drought I Tolerant hybrids

For years, seed companies have studied and tested genetics to help a corn plant survive drought and high heat conditions. Pioneer Hi-Bred was the first to announce that it has a line of drought-tolerant hybrids ready for planting. Called Drought I, the new hybrids are expected to produce a 6% increase in yield compared to the best current hybrids when grown in the same climate. Native genes are used for this line, which should be available this year in the dryer areas of the Corn Belt.  

As all the seed companies learned, a corn plant’s survival in drought conditions involves many complex processes and genes. Pioneer focused on helping a plant to silk and fill kernels to the tip quickly and under stress. Pioneer is looking at other traits as well and expects to market a transgenic drought-tolerant line in a few years.

For more information, visit

Sprayer: Hagie STX10 self-propelled sprayer

Hagie substantially changed the look and features of its self-propelled sprayers with its new STX 10 model, which the company unveiled at the 2010 Farm Progress Show. The most obvious change was in the design that included a composite body covering the sprayer, similar to the body of a combine. The benefit of this change is cleaner air for engine cooling. The sprayer has a stronger boom with a routing channel to hold the fluid and electrical lines. The company upgraded the cab with safety, ergonomics and comfort in mind. The 4-wd, hydrostatic sprayer is equipped with a 1,000-gal. tank and offers 65 in. of ground clearance.

List price for an STX10 with 90-ft. boom is $220,000. For more information, contact Hagie Mfg., Dept. FIN, 721 Central Ave. NE, Clarion, IA 50525, 800/247-4885, or visit

Precision communication: Raven Slingshot

The new Slingshot from Raven Industries is groundbreaking technology in ag precision communications. It offers cellular-based RTK correction signals plus brand-neutral, high-speed communications. The communications provide always-on Internet and data transfer to a wide range of computers and other mobile devices. A field hub in the cab receives signals and gives Internet access.

Unique to Slingshot is its application programming interface (API) that allows software companies, precision ag equipment manufacturers, and others to use Slingshot to deliver solutions to their customers. This is a first for the ag market, according to Raven’s Kelby Kleinsasser. It is similar in concept to Apple’s approach that allows developers to design and market programs for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

List price for Slingshot Fied Hub is $2,000 plus an annual subscription, which ranges from $750 to $1,500. For more information, visit

Precision navigation: Ag Leader and AutoFarm Integra display/Paradyme system 

A year ago, Ag Leader and AutoFarm teamed up to develop precision products. The first products released from this venture included the Integra display and Paradyme steering system, which drew lots of attention from FIN readers.

The Integra, originally from Ag Leader technology, features a 12.1-in., color, touch screen with built-in steering and guidance system along with on-screen lightbar. The Integra will operate with the new ParaDyme, which is technology from AutoFarm. Paradyme features a dual-antenna roof module that is easily installed. It includes a suite of precision farming tools, including planter and application controls, mapping and GPS steering. 

Price of the Integra display with AutoSwath is about $4,750. Prices of steering systems range from $6,885 to $23,330 for a top-end system with ParaDyme. For more information, visit or

Planter: Kinze 3600 planter

In May of 2010, Kinze unveiled a new addition to its popular line of 3600 Twin-Line planters. The 3600 planter is now offered with Air Seed Delivery in both 12- and 16-row configurations. The 3600 ASD comes with two centrally mounted, 40-bu. hoppers that distribute seed to individual row units, using air pressure. The only moving part of the ASD system is the blower fan. This planter also features an exclusive hydraulic weight transfer mechanism that transfers the weight of two 40-gal. seed hoppers across the length of the toolbar to prevent the wings from rising out of the ground and to maintain consistent seed depth. A new Digi-Star planter scale package, offered as an option, provides gross and individual weights of the seed tanks.

Suggested list prices: 3600 ASD 12 row with EdgeVac meters and Interplant, $119,218; 3600 ASD 16 row with EdgeVac meters and Interplant, $142,689. For more information, contact Kinze Mfg., Dept. FIN, Box 806, Williamsburg, IA 52361, 319/668-1300, or visit

Alternative energy: BTI Wind Energy turbines

Farmers interested in wind power for their home and farm may now invest in an inexpensive turbine from BTI Wind Energy and the Harvest the Wind Network. Among the renewable and “green” products that Farm Industry News published in the past year, these small turbines drew considerable interest among our readers.

The wind turbines start at about $30,000 for the S-250 model that handles home needs of 10,000 to 15,000 kW-hr./yr. Larger models like the E-3120 are designed for small commercial operations and will provide 195,000 to 240,000 kW-hr./yr. of output requiring a three-phase connection. Pricing does not include maintenance agreement, shipping or installation.

For more information, contact BTI Wind Energy, Dept. FIN, 15477 U.S. 54 Highway, Greensburg, KS 67054, 888/723-3331, or visit

Telemetry systems: AGCO AgCommand

Last year AGCO introduced AgCommand — one of the first telemetry systems for farmers. A telemetry system lets an operator track the location, status and job hours of vehicles on a computer. The system is a plug-and-play device with sensors that automatically generate real-time information. This past fall, AGCO updated AgCommand with an advanced version. This version monitors the combine threshing efficiency on Gleaner, Challenger and Massey Ferguson combines as well as engine, transmission and hydraulic operations of Challenger and Massey Ferguson tractors and AGCO application equipment. 

The list price for AGCommand is $2,510, which includes a three-year subscription. AgCommand Advanced is $4,995 and includes a three-year subscription. For more information, visit


Fertilizer: Mosaic MicroEssentials

Mosaic took blending fertilizer to a new level with its new product called MicroEssentials. Instead of just blending nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and zinc in a granular form, Mosaic blended all four products into one granule. This way the nutrients are evenly distributed when applied in the field. In addition, putting the nutrients in a layered granule encourages positive interactions, reports Dan Froehlich, director of agronomy for Mosaic. “Sulfur helps with nitrogen uptake, while zinc helps with phosphorus uptake,” he says.

MicroEssentials is available in three formulations, all with added sulfur and one with zinc. It may be used on corn and soybeans.

For more information, visit

Pickup truck: Ford F-250 Super Duty Truck

Ford hit a home run with its new F-250 4x4 Super Duty diesel truck, according to Team FIN member Daryl Briedenbaugh who test-drove the vehicle. Readers agreed with him. The Ford diesel is 100% new and boasts the most horsepower (390 hp) and torque in its class. It features a new computer-controlled transmission that is designed to hold up under stress. The new Scorpion diesel engine burns clean, efficiently and with no vibration. Bridenbaugh says the new Super Duty truck will accelerate like a 3,000-lb. Corvette, not a truck.

Price of the base 4x4 is $39,805. For more information, visit


Machinery accessory: Bestway Self-loading Trailer

Loading and unloading combine heads was an inconvenient task until Bestway introduced the Retriever Self-loading Trailer. This unique trailer features a hydraulic lift system that picks up and loads a combine head without a tractor or forklift to help.

The trailer is backed up to the head and the lift arms attach to the unit. Then the head is picked up by the lift system with its 6- x 12-in. hydraulic cylinders. Next, the head is rotated and then locked into place for transport. A Honda gas engine powers the hydraulics.

The Retriever will load and unload onto most trailers. Gooseneck and bumper-pull versions of the Retriever are available. Prices start at $24,000. For more information, call Bestway at 877/390-4480, or visit

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