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Farm equipment manufacturers continue with major introductions

It doesn't much matter what color of paint you prefer, the odds are pretty good there's some new farm equipment on the local dealer's lot this summer that will catch your eye. Just like the summer temperatures, there doesn't seem to be a lot of cooling off in new machinery introductions. And here are just a few examples of new and improved products recently introduced.

Case IH

As the summer heat hit in earnest, Case IH made several introductions to the company's machinery lineup and the spotlight fell firmly on the new AFX8010 Axial-Flow combine.

For those farmers and custom harvesters constantly battling the clock and adverse conditions at harvest time, the newest addition to the Axial-Flow family can cover all the acres they need. The AFX8010 provides up to 40 percent more productivity than the Class VI Case IH 2388 combine.

Increased productivity begins with the industry's largest grain tank at 330 bushels, fastest unloading rate at three bushels per second and largest cleaning area at 10,075 squares inches, not to mention the 4,236 — square inch active grain pan.

Increased harvesting capacity demands increased power, and the AFX8010 delivers with a 10.3-liter, 24-valve, full-authority electronic engine. Rated at 375 horsepower, the Case IH engine grows 25 hp in tough situations, and gains an additional continuous 40 hp during on-the-go unloading to maintain ground speed under load.

In summary, the new Case IH AFX8010 combine continues to build and improve upon the principles that led to the development of the first Axial-Flow combine, including:

  • Delivering superior grain quality.
  • Maximizing grain savings.
  • Adapting to all crops.
  • Offering matched capacity.
  • Using a low-maintenance design that retains its value.

And when it comes to horsepower, no one in the industry tops the new Case IH STX500 Steiger tractor. Its 500 horsepower engine can pull the heaviest loads in the harshest conditions.

The new tractor, available in wheeled and Quatrac versions for agricultural applications, expands the STX Series line to 10 models.

Because of their design, STX Series Steiger tractors effectively direct power to where farmers need it the most — on the ground. The extended wheelbase and position of the center-pull drawbar efficiently transfer engine horsepower into pulling power.

In addition to a superior design, the STX500 provides up to 39 percent torque rise and up to 50 horsepower growth in tough spots. Pulling full loads through low spots, on hillsides and in wet conditions without downshifting is not a problem.

The company has also launched the new Case IH MXU Series Maxxum tractor line which offers producers the perfect blend of features and options for row-crop, loader and general-purpose applications. Three models range from 80 to 105 PTO horsepower.

All MXU Series models feature a 540/1000 rpm PTO, as well as an offset swinging drawbar. The three-point hitch uses lowerlink draft sensing, telescoping stabilizers and flexible link ends. Cab models feature electronic draft control, while the ROPS units have mechanical draft control.

For more information on all Case IH equipment, visit

John Deere

Imagine a satellite guidance system that automatically steers your tractor through the field, safely and comfortably. You're able to travel faster, to make more accurate tillage or spraying passes, and eliminate the stress of making constant steering corrections.

You save fuel and gain more efficiency from your tractor and implements.

This is a reality with GreenStar AutoTrac assisted steering, introduced last year, but only available on John Deere 8000, 8010, 8020, 9000 and 9020 Series track tractors. This technology has proven so successful that now it is available on 8020 Series MFWD and Independent Link Suspension (ILS) wheeled tractors.

This assisted steering system is extremely accurate (within 4-inches pass to pass accuracy) and guides the tractor in a straight line down the row. The operator still turns the tractor at the end of each pass, and must also steer around obstacles such as trees, ditches, and waterways.

In order for GreenStar AutoTrac to work on wheeled tractors, an electro-hydraulic steering system is required. A field-installed kit will be available for 8020 Series tractors with MFWD or ILS.

The component locations and designs are already engineered into these tractors, and installation of AutoTrac is fully compatible.

GreenStar AutoTrac can also be ordered factory assembled on 8020 MFWD or ILS tractors.

For more information visit with your local John Deere dealer or visit the Web site at


Frontier Equipment introduces a whole new line of heavy offset disks to handle high residue crops, to renovate pasture, and to till in severe-duty applications such as soil mixing and land reclamation. These heavy-duty disks are designed for the toughest working conditions and are available in 8- to 25-foot widths.

Frontier has also introduced a new line of fast-unloading grain carts that will meet the grain-handling requirements of growers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The new carts feature an exclusive, patented front-fold auger system that provides 100 percent visibility during unloading, folding and unfolding. The auger folding system also insures the auger swings safely away from the semi-trailer, eliminating the chance for auger collision or damage.

Looking for an economical line of grain handling equipment, backed and serviced by a reliable dealer? Consider the new line of gravity wagons and running gears introduced by Frontier Equipment.

The seven models of gravity wagons range in size from 165- to 750-bushel capacity; and the nine new running gears, less tires, range from 8- to 24-ton load capacity.

The wagons have a rocking support that reduces stress and wear on rough terrain, and a spring assist, extendable tongue for easy hook-up. A standard light kit is installed on all wagons.

Frontier is now also featuring new lines of rotary tillers, mower conditioners and economy mowers.

For additional information on any of these products, contact your local John Deere dealer or check out the Web site at


Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) presents the form of the future with the new Grand L30 Series compact tractors. Building on the tradition of Kubota innovation excellence, the Grand L30 Series incorporates a leading edge IntelliPanel communication tool with Kubota diesel technology, resulting in the most powerful and “smartest” compact tractor on the market.

Offering more power with greater comfort, while being exceptionally friendly to the user and environment, this series of remarkably responsive 31 to 50 horsepower Kubota tractors performs multiple operations with maximum results.

Kubota has also introduced an economical, basic tractor with many deluxe features, the M4800SU. With ample weight, perfect balance and loads of value added features, the M4800SU 2-wheel drive tractor enhances Kubota's long-standing, quality heritage.

Kubota's exclusive, 4-cylinder, 43 PTO horsepower, E-TVCS indirect injection, liquid cooled diesel engine delivers impressive power and high torque. The air-cleaning system consists of two dry-type elements contributing to engine longevity.

The M4800SU is equipped with an 8 forward/4 reverse, partially synchronized main transmission.

Also new from Kubota is the B7800HSD compact tractor, built on the platform of the already proven, top-of-the-line B2910.

Kubota has recognized the demand for a well-balanced, 4-wheel drive, compact tractor for the economy tractor buyer. The result is the B7800HSD with a powerful Kubota E-TVCS, 4-cylinder, liquid cooled, 30 gross hp diesel engine.

The B7800HSD is equipped with Kubota's advanced hydrostatic transmission (HST) offering single-pedal operation for control of speed/direction between forward and reverse without clutching.

For increased efficiency, three speed operating ranges are provided.

For additional information, contact Kubota Tractor Corporation at 1-888-4KUBOTA, ext. 900 or visit

Farm equipment lines expanded

New Holland

Responding to customer need and demand for more power to pull increasingly larger implements, New Holland is introducing a new 500 hp tractor to its four-wheel drive TJ tractor line. The new tractor offers impressive power growth of up to 50 hp and a torque rise of 39 percent, allowing it to pull bigger and heavier equipment even in tough conditions.

Though based on the same frame and components as the TJ450, the TJ500 offers more than just more horsepower. The TJ500 operates at 100 rpms faster than the TJ450. It has a larger air induction system, uses larger tires, has improved hydraulics and uses a 24-volt starting system with a 12-volt operating system.

The TJ500 is powered by a fuel-efficient Cummins QSX 15L engine. A 16-speed full powershift transmission allows for smooth shifting and fingertip control. The tractor also features a standard 42-gpm hydraulic pump capacity, integral hydraulic wet disk brakes, and a 300-gallon fuel tank.

Like the entire TJ line, the TJ500 can be equipped with New Holland's exclusive MegaFlow hydraulics, which offer up to 90 gpm of hydraulic flow through two independent pump systems.

New Holland is also introducing the new TV145 Bi-directional tractor, which boasts a more efficient cooling system, new access panels for better accessibility and other product improvements designed to enhance the productivity of this unique tractor.

Like its predecessors, the new TV145 can be operated cab-end or engine-end first to provide unparalleled versatility, productivity and exceptional loader performance.

An operator can work facing either the engine or the rear because the exclusive Turnabout console rotates the seat and primary controls 180 degrees so the operator always faces the work.

Both ends of the tractor are equipped with PTOs so depending on the application, the TV145 can push and pull implements simultaneously.

The TV145 model features a new, more efficient cooling system. The grill surface on the hood has been increased by 40 percent to allow for improved cooling. The hydraulic system has been redesigned for improved performance in cold weather operations.

A Tier II after-cooled, turbo-charged, six-cylinder 105 hp diesel provides ample power and great lugging ability, with up to 60 percent torque rise for power attachments.

Custom harvesters and large dairy operators who require powerful, high-capacity chopping performance will appreciate the productivity-boosting features of the new FX self-propelled forage harvesters from New Holland. Three new models — FX30, FX40, and FX60 — are built to work faster in all crop conditions, with more operator convenience.

New Holland's FX harvesters feature a wide feed opening to maximize crop intake for fast chopping. Wide feedrolls move crop directly from the pickup to the cutterhead. The feedroll drive is speed-synchronized between the header auger and feedrolls for continuous optimum crop feeding and maximum crop input. This allows the FX harvesters to work at peak productivity no matter what length of cut is selected.

FX harvesters feature an extra-wide cutterhead that is matched to their massive-horsepower engines for maximum productivity in chopping and crop-harvesting performance.

The 30-inch, 750-pound cutterhead is designed for top production, durability and serviceability.

Beveled, reversible knives span the full width of the cutterhead. These double-sided knives offer the most favorable knife-to-shearbar angle to maximize cut with less power.

For more information on New Holland products, contact you local New Holland dealer or visit the Web site at


New Massey Ferguson combines have increased harvest capacity over previous models thanks to advanced technology and design enhancements. The class VI MF 9690 and class VII MF 9790 combines feature improved fuel efficiency, more efficient and thorough grain threshing, greater visibility, and an enhanced cab environment.

At the same time, combine operation and maintenance have become simpler, not more complex.

Expanded capacity is a result of design modifications to Massey Ferguson's advanced technology and harvest system. Improvements involve the front beater, the rotor and grain cleaning system.

For more information visit the Web site at

Progressive farmers get high-power, tight turning radius and award-winning control in one tractor with the 160 PTO hp Fendt 818 Vario. The 818 Vario combines the engine and hydraulic performance of the high power 900 Series tractors with the maneuverability of the Fendt 700 Series tractors.

The award winning Vario TMS electronic engine and transmission control and Variotronic push-button procedure recall increases productivity and profitability, while lowering operating costs.

For additional information visit the Web site at

Highly productive haymaking requires highly productive equipment and the New Idea 5515 mower conditioner fits the bill perfectly.

The 15 foot, 3-inch wide cutting bed and center pivot hitch is designed to efficiently handle big fields, whether crops are heavy or light. From the swivel hitch to sealed bearings and gears, the 5515 is built for less wear, less maintenance, smoother operation and longer life.

A unique cutter bed design on the 5515 reduces turbulence caused by the conditioner rollers. This allows the operator to maintain speed even in light crop conditions, without crop stems being blown over ahead of the cutter bar. This design includes a spiral helper roll to bridge the gap between cutter bar and conditioner rollers and maintains a smooth feed whether the crop is heavy or light.

Other advanced design features include an enclosed conditioner roll drive gear case, multiple spring flotation and a swivel hitch, all standard on the 5515. Like the sealed bearings, the enclosed gear case insures constant lubrication and extended life.

Additional information can be found at

Improved serviceability, increased reliability and enhanced hay handling all add up to “operator friendly” with the new 900 Series round balers from Hesston. The new designs include the 945 and 945 Silage Special (4X5 bale; 955 (5X5 bale); 946 Auto Cycle and 946 Auto Cycle Silage Special (4X6) bale); and the 956 and 956 Auto Cycle (5X6 bale)

With the 900 Series, Hesston has made improvements that not only enhance productivity, but also make the operator's job easier.

Servicing is simpler with the new one-piece side door design. Other changes that increase reliability and improve crop handling mean more time in the cab, less on the ground and more bales per hour.

For more information on Hesston 900 Series balers, please visit the Web site at

Machinery introductions numerous


McCormick International is back in the U.S. tractor market with several new and improved models.

The new flagship of the McCormick tractor line — MTX200 Series — features a powerful 195-hp engine built around the new-generation six-cylinder, 24-valve electronic Cummins QBS engine. This high-tech engine features a breakthrough design that increases power and torque, improves fuel economy, and significantly reduces emissions.

The Cummins engine is ideal for tough conditions in which responsiveness to changing loads is critical.

The McCormick MC series has gotten bigger with the addition of the MC120 Power6 and MC135 Power6 (115 hp and 132 hp) models.

The MC Power6 line is the first tractor line to use the Perkins 1100 Series new-generation six-cylinder electronic engine, which features an air-to-air aftercooled turbocharger.

This tractor line also features the renowned four-speed, four-range Powershift transmission, which has 16 forward and 12 reverse speeds, and a creep option.

Also included in the McCormick lineup are the V and F Series tractors engineered specifically for vineyard and orchard operations; and the GX and GXH Series which are ideal for landscaping and grounds maintenance as well as small acreage duties and specialty uses.

For additional details on these tractors and other McCormick equipment, contact the company at 1-866-327-6733 or visit the Web site at


Caterpillar is continuing to service the entire line of Cat Challenger tractors using the Mobil-trac System. An extensive line of belts, offered in a variety of sizes, are designed and manufactured to deliver high performance and long life in tough job conditions.

The belts feature rugged construction and unique tread bar design for superior performance in agricultural and severe-duty applications.

More than 350 different belts are stocked in Cat parts distribution facilities worldwide — and Caterpillar dealer technicians are trained to install and tune the belts for all Challenger tractors.

The Caterpillar line of after-market belts are for the following Caterpillar Challenger models: 35,45,55,65B, 65C, 65D, 65E, 70C, 75, 75C, 75D, 75E, 85C, 85D, 85E and 95E.

The Caterpillar belts come in an extensive line of models to allow matching the belt to the application for best performance. Belt models include standard treadbar, special application, sidehill and extreme service.

The standard treadbar belt is the preferred choice for most agricultural applications. These belts are designed specifically to handle a broad spectrum of uses, working well in almost all conditions and handling typical crop residue with ease. The standard treadbar offers an outstanding combination of features, including long belt life, excellent traction and smooth ride.

The sidehill belt is designed to handle substantial amounts of work on inclines and slopes. This design spreads the lateral load of the tractor over 48 guide blocks instead of the standard 36. The guide blocks are constructed without the standard relief notches, creating a much stiffer block that optimizes belt alignment.

Special application belts use a third more treadbars that are shorter and wider than the ones on the standard treadbar belts. The design improves ride and flotation on hard, dry surfaces. It also reduces disturbance to the soil and crop. The reduced height and increased width of the treadbars on this belt can lower the maximum traction of the belt and drawbar horsepower in some field conditions.

Extreme service belts combine the strengths of all Caterpillar belts. The tip width has been increased from 1.5 to 2.25 inches for improved treadbar life and ride quality. This design also includes an added layer of steel cable running zero degrees to the direction of travel and two extra layers of rubber.

Mahindra USA

Mahindra USA, Inc., announces two new models, one in the 00 Series, the 6500 4WD, and the newest hydrostatic tractor, the 2810 HST with mid-PTO.

The 2810 HST with mid-PTO, with 28 horsepower engine and lift capacity of 2,080 pounds, is a three-cylinder tractor with a four-stroke, indirect injection, water-cooled diesel engine. Standard features include three ranges of HST transmission, infinite speeds, hydrostatic power steering, wet disc brakes and an independent PTO with safety mechanism and electro-hydraulic clutch.

The other new Mahindra model — 6500 4WD — features a 65 horsepower engine and lift capacity of 3,968 pounds. The 6500 4WD is a four-cylinder tractor with a four-stroke, direct injection, water-cooled diesel engine with a dual clutch. Specifications include a forward-reverse synchro-shuttle with full synchromesh transmission, eight forward and eight reverse gears, hydrostatic power steering, wet disc brakes and an independent PTO.

Additional information can be found at

Claas of America LLC

Claas of America announces the redesign of the Claas 15 foot RU 450 and the 20 foot RU 600 independent row corn heads for the self-propelled Jaguar Forage Harvesters. Now equipped with new shielding, the RU corn heads are easy to maintain and deliver a clean look and long life.

New fingers provide safe transport of the stems. The fingers effectively prevent the risk of double cutting and plant loss and give an optimal header feed in different row widths.

For more information contact Claas at 1-812-342-4441 or visit the Web site at


Kinze Manufacturing's giant 1050 Harvest Commander grain auger wagon now has a companion: A new 850 bushel capacity model, designed similarly to its bigger brother and also capable of unloading its entire payload in just over two minutes.

The new Kinze 850 Harvest Commander holds up to 850 bushels (level-full, not heaped) and unloads in 2.3 minutes (375 bushels per minute). The 850 uses no chains, no sprockets, requires considerably less daily maintenance and features an improved dual auger unloading system with “on-demand” positive drive for natural unrestricted grain flow, greater efficiency and better horsepower utilization.

For additional information contact Kinze at 1-319-668-1300.

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