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For the farm department

Reinventing the wheel

Tired of carrying that extension ladder around when you're making repairs? Well now you don't have to. The Ladder Dolly wheels your ladder from project to project. The dolly consists of two wheels mounted on an axle with a central T-bar that slides through the hollow rung on an extension ladder.

The light-duty model, with an 11½-in. wheelbase, attaches permanently through one of the rungs on the ladder with a bolt. The heavy-duty dolly, with a 17½-in. wheelbase, also goes through a rung, but temporarily fastens with a clip. The wheels remain out of the way when the ladder is being used. Price: light-duty model, $29.95; heavy-duty model, $49.95. Contact American Innovations Corp., Dept. FIN, 1865 W. Wayzata Blvd., Suite 108, Minneapolis, MN 55356-9322, 763/258-3006,

Fuel pumps

Fill-Rite's new line of moderate-use fuel pumps includes a rotary hand pump, a 115v AC pump and a 12v DC pump (pictured), all made from cast iron. The hand pump is designed for medium-viscosity oils, gasoline, diesel fuel and noncorrosive fluids. Its 1-in. polymer suction pipe can adjust for 15- to 55-gal. drums. Flow capability equals 7½ gal./100 revolutions. Price: $73.

The ¼-hp motor on the AC and DC pumps can pump up to 13 gpm. A manual nozzle and ¾-in. × 10-ft. hose can transfer diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene or mineral spirits. The pumps can be mounted on tanks or barrels. Price: $246 for DC pump, $275 for AC pump. Contact Tuthill Transfer Systems Inc., Dept. FIN, 8825 Aviation Dr., Fort Wayne, IN 46809, 219/747-7529,

Firestone tires

Firestone introduces a new line of skid-steer tires. Available in seven sizes, the tires feature a new sidewall and ZT cut- and tear-resistant compounds. A strong shoulder also resists snags and punctures, and deep tread and extra-wide lugs extend the life of the tire, according to Firestone. A new rim deflector helps to keep foreign material out. The tires are completely manufactured in the U.S. Price: not available at press time. Contact Firestone Agricultural Tire Co., Dept. FIN, 4600 N.W. 2nd Ave., Suite 100, Des Moines, IA 50313, 800/350-3276,

Pressure washers

Need a better way to wash your machinery? Try a hot-water pressure washer from Landa. Seven new models in the MHP series are gasoline-powered and heated by oil/diesel fuel. They put out 3.5 to 4.6 gpm and 2,000 to 3,500 psi with Honda or Vanguard engines.

The narrow frames on the washers are less than 25 in. A spring-loaded, insulated trigger gun and a variable pressure wand are on the end of a 50-ft. wire-braid hose that is rated up to 4,000 psi for operator protection against bursts. A side panel on the washer provides protection to components, but it can be removed easily using thumbscrews. A 30-in.-wide wheel kit adds to the flexibility and portability of the unit.

Suggested retail price: $5,400 to $6,700. Contact Landa Water Cleaning Systems, Dept. FIN, 4275 N.W. Pacific Rim Blvd., Camas, WA 98607, 800/547-8672,

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