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Who will be named Master Farmers for '07? The decision is still in your hands!

Tom J Bechman 1, Editor, Indiana Prairie Farmer

October 13, 2007

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Voting for Master Farmer isn't quite as easy as visiting a Web site and clicking on your favorite choice, like some do for 'reality' TV shows. That's because it's more important! The sponsors, Indiana Prairie Farmer and the Purdue University College of Agriculture, take the judging very seriously.

What you can do is visit: Click on 'Master Farmer' and find a nomination form. Fill out the form and find six people willing to write letters of support for your nominee. Then send your nomination packet on or before April 15 to: Indiana Prairie Farmer, P.O. Box 247, Franklin, IN 46131.

To increase your knowledge of the Master Farmer award, try this Master Farmer quiz.
1) Which Master Farmer once served on the Indiana Land Resources Council?
2) Which Master Farmer currently serves on the State Soil Conservation Board?
3) Which Master Farmer was once president of the Indiana Farm Bureau Co-op Board?
4) Name the Master Farmer currently president of Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc.
5) Which Master Farmer was once president of the National Corn Growers Association?
6) This Master Farmer's father is an honorary Master Farmer.
7) Name a Master Farmer who is a former Indiana FFA State President?
8) Name the high school the Master Farmer in question 7 attended.
9) This Master Farmer from Peru was a long-time state representative.
10) This Honorary Master Farmer, at age 81, now serves on the Indiana Corn Growers Association Board of Directors.
11) Name the Honorary Master Farmer from Princeton.
12) Name the only known grandfather/grandson combination amongst Master Farmers.
13) What important post did the grandfather (question 12) hold?
14) Name the Master Farmer best known for raising apples?
15) What is the name of the orchard this Master Farmer (question 14) operates? Where is it?
16) This Master Farmer established a famous restaurant.
17) The Master Farmer in question 16 grows up to 1,000 varieties of a certain ornamental plant as a sideline. What is the plant?
18) This Master Farmer's wife is Extension educator for consumer and family sciences in Allen County.
19) The wives of two Master farmers teach at colleges in east-central Indiana. Name the Master Farmers.
20) Mark Legan ('06) credits this Master Farmer as one who gave him the courage to leave Extension as an ag educator and begin raising hogs.
21) Which past Master Farmer helped give Mark and Phyllis Legan a chance to raise hogs?
22) Name the Master Farmer who was once state agronomist for the Soil Conservation Service (now NRCS).
23) This Master Farmer founded a seed company near Sharpsville bearing his name.
24) The only Master Farmer named from Martin County in the past 20 years.
25) He and his wife operate a large farm and grain elevator operation near Washington, Ind.
26) Master Farmer who once operated a small seed company and raised turkeys.
27) Name the Master Farmer who experimented with strip cropping (corn and soybean strips) 'ahead of his time.'
28) Which Master Farmer leads an admirable, one-man campaign against excessive deer damage to crops in Indiana?
29) This Master Farmer raised registered Jerseys and was active in Indiana Farm Bureau, once serving as Johnson County president.
30) This Master Farmer's sons operate a successful waste hauling business across the Midwest.
31) This Master Farmer's family founded a large grain elevator, now called Crystal Springs Grain, which handles only waxy corn.
32) Two Indiana Prairie Farmer editors took cover pictures on this Master Farmer's farm in different eras. Who is he, and who were they?
33) This Master Farmer was also a successful veterinarian. His son Mike was named a Master Farmer in '04.
34) This Master Farmer successfully nominated his son to be a Master Farmer.
35) Only Master Farmer from Fayette County in 25 years.
36) Well-known ag economist nominated David Allyn, Mt. Vernon ('00) as Master Farmer. Who is he?
37) This Honorary Master Farmer and his wife still operate a farm consulting business
38) One-time outstanding hay producer who became leader for grass-based dairying in Indiana.
39) This class of '82 Master Farmer successfully nominated a younger friend for the class of '01. Who was the nominator?
40) Whom did the nominator in question 39 nominate?
Bonus! Which Master Farmer's wife spells her name, Marilynn, with two 'ns'?

Answers: 1) Don Strietelemier, Hope ('82); 2) O. William Mann, Carlisle ('80); 3) Lloyd Arthur, Greenfield ('80), passed away January '07; 4) Don Villwock, Edwardsport ('85); 5) Alan Kemper, Lafayette ('92); 6) David Williamson, Economy ('03), son of Mauri Williamson; 7) Jerry Rulon, Cicero ('93); 8) Walnut Grove (Hamilton County); 9) Raymond E. Musselman ('80); 10) Mauri Williamson, Lafayette; 11) Max Armstrong, farm broadcaster ('06); 12) Claude R. Wickard (early Master Farmer era) and Bill Pickart ('90), both of Camden; 13) U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, served 1940-1945; 14) Tom Roney ('97); 15) Tuttle Orchards, Greenfield; 16) Joe Huber, Borden; 17) Daylillies; 18) Roger Hadley II, Woodburn ('05), wife Vickie; 19) David Williamson, Economy ('03), wife Tammy, Earlham College, and Ed Yanos, Cambridge City ('05), wife Susan, Ball State University ;20) Jack W. Torr, Greencastle ('79); 21) Kenneth L. Ames, Fillmore ('02); 22) Joe Peden, Bloomington ('05); 23) Howard Adler, ('83); 24) William T. Crane ('87); 25) Tom and Marsha Boyd ('90); 26) Marvin Mann, Frankfort ('75); 27) Joe P. Rund, Lafayette ('86); 28) Sherman Kessler, Crawfordsville ('72); 29) Paul Canary, Franklin ('70); 30) Dayton Merrell, Kokomo ('99); 31) John Norton, Franklin ('99); 32) Wally Linneweber, Vincennes ('91), Carl Eiche and Tom J. Bechman; 33) Paul Brocksmith, Vincennes ('96); 34) Fred Mann, Cloverdale ('86); 35) Brad Starr, Connersville ('95); 36) Bill Uhrig, retired, Purdue Univeristy; 37) Howard and Barbara Doster , West Lafayette; 38) Dave Forgey, Logansport; ('02); 39) Sylvan Ice, Vincennes; 40) Dennis Carnahan, Vincennes; Bonus: Ellis McFadden, Ft. Wayne, long-time no-tiller ('75).
Key: 0-40 right…nominate your favorite farmer now!

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