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Legends Seeds expands lineup with corn, soybeans, Envita

Northern Seed Extra: Envita is an N-fixing bacteria product that can enhance crop production.

October 1, 2019

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corn hybrids from Legend Seeds are on display
LEGEND LINE: New corn hybrids from Legend Seeds are on display at a field day. (Legend Seeds

Legend Seeds, an independent employee-owned regional seed company headquartered in DeSmet, S.D., added Enlist E3 soybeans in to its lineup of more than 81 soybean varieties this year. The lineup includes Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend, LibertyLink, LibertyLink GT2 Protein Conventional, and Conventional lines. The varieties range from .01-3.4 relative maturity.

On the corn side, Legend Seeds has introduced certified non-GMO corn hybrids to its corn portfolio. Its corn products include traited and conventional grain, silage, and dual-purpose hybrids. Legend Seeds’ 155 corn hybrids range from 72-day to 118-day maturities.

Legend seed is also offering Envita, a nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus) product that can live within many crops and enhance production. The bacteria were discovered naturally existing in sugarcane and have been adapted to colonize and live in various crops. They enable the crop to use nitrogen from the air and change it to a form the plant can use. Produced by Azotic North America, Envita is a liquid and is applied primarily in-furrow but it can also be seed applied.

This revolutionary technology allows producers to reduce nitrogen inputs and maintain similar yields, or leave nitrogen rates the same and increase yields, says John Squire, Legend Seeds forage specialist.

“In our own field trials this growing season, we have noticed substantial advantages to crops treated with Envita vs. without,” he says. “When comparing corn treated with Envita to untreated, observations have revealed increased early tillering, which indicates improved growing conditions. Treated plants tend to have improved rooting with more fine roots and a more robust root system as the plant matures.

"Envita use has led to better plant vigor with advanced growth stages throughout the life cycle. Plant tissue tests have also revealed more nitrogen in the plant up through mid-vegetative stages. Ear development has improved on corn with larger ears and pod set on soybeans has increased. We look forward to reviewing the yield results from these comparison plots this fall.” 

Legend Seeds is dedicated to providing growers with the best seed options for their acres, according to Tim Bratland, Legend Seeds president.

“Not only do we focus on providing our growers with choice, but we stand behind our commitment and focus on local testing and research across our footprint to ensure we select and place the right products for the right geography to consistently deliver high value products to growers,” Bratland says.

For more information on Legend Seeds’ full product offerings for 2020, visit legendseeds.net.

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