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For the farm

Corn plastic coffee mugs introduces a line of environmentally friendly coffee mugs made from 100% biodegradable corn plastic. The mugs are available in 16 colors and can be customized to feature a specific organization’s logo. The mugs are available in three styles: the Corn Koffee Keg, the Corn Kegger and the Corn Commuter, which fits most vehicle cup holders. The mugs are microwave safe. Order online at

Real-time market quotes
Gain access to real-time market quotes, weather and news with DTN Mobile and DTN Internet. DTN Mobile offers market information via cell phone or PDA. The new DTN Internet provides quotes, news, analysis and weather with the click of a mouse. Learn more at

Drain systems
Eliminate messy oil changes with Femco’s new No-Spill Drain Systems. All parts are made from solid brass and are guaranteed for life. Oil can be drained using gravity or suction, with a straight or angled drainer. There are more than 500 sizes and thread combinations available in three different styles. To learn more, call 888/466-7745 or visit

Diesel mower
The Dixon Kodiak diesel ZTR mower features a vertical shaft, V-twin, 20-hp diesel engine. The new 52-in. HFS cutting deck boasts an 18-position, positive-lock deck lift system with foot assist. Critical deck areas are heavily reinforced for durability. Hydro-Gear 12cc pumps with cooling fans, and Parker TJ wheel motors provide reliable maneuverability and a zero turning radius. Oversized front and rear tires offer good traction and low compaction. A removable foot plate allows easy access to deck belts. Dual headlights and a side-trim light allow mowing into the evening hours.

Optional attachments include two- and three-bag grass catchers, mulch kits, folding rollover protective structures and a snow blade.

To learn more, call 800/264-6075 or visit

Electronic tank level indicator
Measure the liquid level of any size tank with the new electronic tank level indicator from Lechler. Operators can monitor tank levels on an easy-to-read LED display from the comfort of the tractor cab. A programmable microprocessor will adapt to any manufacturer’s tank

To learn more, call 800/815-6710 or visit

ATV applicator
The String Wing, a rope wick applicator mounted on an ATV mounting bracket, allows efficient and easy weed control. An operator can choose any weed killer to use with the String Wing. Contact Green Leaf, 11144 Toney Rd., Fontanet, IN 47851, 800/654-9808,

Outdoor furnace
Heatmor builds its outdoor furnaces from 409 stainless steel to provide safe, economical options for burning wood, corn and used oil. Each furnace is designed, tested and proven to outlast mild steel brands up to three times longer. A water-cooled firebox door decreases warping and increases the efficiency of heat transfer.

The company has outdoor wood furnaces able to heat systems from 3,000 to 25,000 sq. ft. The corn burner, which burns wood and corn, is available in sizes heating 3,000 and 5,000 sq. ft. The used-oil burner is able to burn wood and used oil and is available in sizes heating 5,000 and 10,000 sq. ft. The furnaces come with a 10-year warranty that covers both corrosion and workmanship.They are available in any combination of 18 different color options.

To learn more, call 800/834-7552 or visit

High-speed hydraulic door operator
Hi-Fold Doors developed a new high-speed hydraulic operator for its bi-fold doors to provide three times the speed of a standard door system. Hi-Fold doors are designed with 12 to 24 in. of more door opening clearance than standard bi-folds, and the new hydraulic operator provides powerful door speed with less required overhead space.

The optional hydraulic lift system offers increased lifting capacities, heavy-duty construction and maintenance-free operation in all seasons. The hydraulic operators are factory-assembled, wired, plumbed and tested before shipping.

Contact Hi-Fold Door Corporation, N6170 1070th St., River Falls, WI 54022, 800/443-6536,

Wireless video
Jansen Electronics introduces a new line of Clear Pix wireless video products. The new technology ensures flicker-free, wireless video while on the move. The bandwidths reject interference from cordless phones, wireless computer networks, microwave ovens and other devices. The products are designed for an unobstructed, open-field range of 500 to 800 ft. while stationary and 200 to 300 ft. while on the move. All products are 12v DC or 110v AC compatible. Clear Pix is 100% cross-compatible; all devices can interact with any Clear Pix receiver, transmitter, antenna or camera.

The wireless horse trailer camera monitoring system allows use of up to four cameras with an unlimited number of monitors. Video outputs and inputs are provided on the integrated, 5-in. color monitor to provide optional recording/playback of what is going on in the horse trailer.

The wireless outdoor building camera gives viewers an option for monitoring calving or foaling areas, or other remote locations. The camera includes an internal blower to keep equipment dry and cool under demanding conditions. Both video and audio are transmitted to existing TV video/audio inputs. A high-power upgrade almost doubles the range. Either color or black-and-white and audio options are available. A 60-ft. camera-to-transmitter cable is included, with additional cable expansion also available. Only the antenna is exposed to the outdoor elements. A four-channel receiver with a standard camera-switching system allows multiple-camera viewing without the need for additional receivers.

The wireless grain camera monitoring system can be used on grain cart augers (for rear-vision grain cart viewing), planters or semitrailers. Operators only need a 12v DC source, such as the grain cart light, as a power source. The camera powers up when the light is switched on. The wireless system can be moved for use on other equipment or even to monitor other areas around the farm. A weatherproof, tough, outdoor polycarbonate rubber-sealed housing is designed to provide years of reliable operation.

To learn more, call 815/232-3093 or visit

World’s largest tractor
Read about the most famous tractor in the world in the new book Big Bud 747: The World’s Largest Tractor. The Big Bud 16V-747 was built in Havre, MT, in 1977. The coffee-table book traces the machine from its construction to its days in the fields of California, Florida and back to Montana. Learn how it came to be built, where it was made, how it was used and what it costs.

The large-format book is packed with powerful pictures of the awesome Big Bud tractor. The 128-page book has 165 color photos and illustrations.

The author, John Harvey, will be signing the book at Booth 29 in the Family Living Center at the National Farm Machinery Show. A new video of the Big Bud 747 is also available.

Order the book by phone at 800/888-8979 or by fax at 302/478-3606, or contact John Harvey Communications, 3207 Kammerer Dr., Wilmington, DE 19803.

Grapple bucket
Precision Manufacturing introduces the Add-A-Grapple, which converts a compact tractor’s existing 5- or 6-ft. front-loader bucket into a grapple bucket. The grapple picks up limbs, brush or debris. Curved teeth allow for a wider grip and quick release. The grapple is easily removed to convert back to a standard bucket. A selector valve kit is also available if an additional set of hydraulic outlets is required. The Add-A-Grapple is available with either a single or double grapple.

To learn more, call 888/497-3224 or visit

The HyReach Clipper from Precision Manufacturing can cut up to an 8-in.-dia. tree or limb in a single cut and attaches to most skid steers, tractors and other hydraulic equipment. The clipper can cut horizontally for ground-level cutting jobs, or vertically to reach tree limbs.

To learn more, call 888/497-3224 or visit

Root-grapple attachment
The Precision Farm Machinery division of ABCO Engineering offers the new model 580-66 root grapple attachment for skid steers. The bucket is designed to dig brush and rubble. Reinforced, heavy tines are spaced 9 in. apart. Dual grapples open to pick up 3-ft. objects.

The model 900-20 skid-steer attachment uses a telescoping claw to help clean up construction or storm debris. The claw consists of four opposing, adjustable tines for picking up damaged building materials, brush, tree limbs and rubble for loading into trucks and waste containers. To learn more, call 319/283-5695 or 877/736-2226 or visit

Infrared spot heaters
Comfortably heat an enclosed area of up to 2,500 sq. ft. with the new heavy-duty infrared spot heater from SunStar Heating Products. The new heaters don’t use electricity. Each of the four models is available as a propane gas option rated at 95,000 Btu/hr. or a natural gas heater rated at 100,000 Btu/hr. Both manual and thermostatically controlled models are available.

The heaters have a compact, 14-in.-dia. base and stainless steel emitter. The pilot light and main burner are located inside the combustion chamber to protect against drafts, dust or damage. Gas controls also are located within the unit base for easy access and safety. A flame failure safety device is provided for safety in the event of flame outage.

Contact SunStar Heating Products, Box 36271, Charlotte, NC 28236, 888/778-6782,

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