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eWheat Surveys Shows Support For Certified Seed, More Acres


Results from eWheat’s Sept. 21 survey indicate that more than 70% of growers responding either increased their winter wheat acres for 2011 or kept it the same and more than half their acres were planted in certified seed.

The survey, sponsored by Corn & Soybean Digest and DuPont, looked at various aspects of wheat production and marketing and the tools used to get the job done.

Key points in the survey included an indication by respondents that 38.3% of growers planted more winter wheat acres for next year, while 32.6% will have the same number of acres. About 11.8% planted fewer acres, while about 17% aren’t growing winter wheat for next year. Asked about the percentage of certified seed they will plant, growers said 50.8% of their acres will be in certified seed, while 15.1% have 1-10% in certified seed. About 17.8% indicated that are planting no certified seed.

Weed control has many concerned. The survey showed that 39.8% of those responding were somewhat concerned about fall weed control, while 22% were very concerned and 38.2% were not concerned. Asked if they would or have applied herbicides, 32.4% responded “yes.” About 49% said they were somewhat concerned about wheat diseases, while 32.4% said they were very concerned and 18.5% weren’t concerned. Just over 54% said they will apply a fungicide to wheat, which 45.5% said they would not.

Wheat rotations with other crops were across the board, with 42.7% of the respondents saying they rotated wheat with soybeans, 24.7% with corn, 25% with cotton, 11% with sorghum and 22% with another crop. Asked if they saw a need for biotech wheat lines, 58.5% said “yes.” Just over 50% said they would like to see more production coverage in eWheat, while 30.8% want more marketing coverage and 16.2% want more news on world grain trends. About 24% of the respondents indicated they used a “smartphone,” and most chose market availability as the No. 1 use for smartphones.

Thanks again to all who took part in the survey from Corn & Soybean Digest and DuPont.

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