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Who knew there were numbers and letters left to name Deere products? Well, apparently there are, and they're introducing the 8R series tractors, as well as a new 7030 series model.

“We've taken the most fuel-efficient row-crop tractor and redefined it by increasing hp output, adding a more spacious cab and upgrading ride comfort,” says Chad Hogan, John Deere product line marketing manager. “These tractors (the 8R series) offer customers low operating costs and maximum uptime with comfort and productivity.”


Helping operators work more comfortably and productively, the new series has six wheel models and three track models. The wheel models range from 225 to 345 hp; the track models range from 235 to 275 PTO hp.

Available on all models of the 8R Series is the CommandView II Cab. It offers a roomy work environment, easy-to-use monitors and controls, and enhanced visibility. Also included on all models is the 9L PowerTech Plus engine, which meets Tier III emission standards.

The track models are new from the ground up, and are all equipped with Deere's AirCushion suspension system. Deere's Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) is available on all 8RT models; it comes standard on the 8345RT and is an option on the other track models. IVT offers operators the use of a single lever to smoothly shift from 0 to 24 mpg, or any speed in between.

The track models have increased transport speed, up to 24 mph. Fuel capacity has also been increased, by 54%, to 200 gal. An available category 4N/3 rear hitch provides the 8RT models with up to 18,300 lbs. of hitch-lift capacity. Hydraulic flow is rated at 60 gpm.

The 8225R has a base price of $165,929. The 8295RT starts at $240,954. For more details on the 8R series tractors, go to


New to the 7030 Premium line of John Deere tractors is the 180-hp 7530 Premium. Equipped with a 6.8: PowerTech Plus engine and ComfortGuard Premium Cab, the new model has a rear hitch-lift capacity of 10,600 lbs.

Also featured on the 7530 is a 29-gpm hydraulic system and updated CommandCenter controls, which allow operators to dial in the tractor's hydraulics to fit the task at hand.

Fuel-saving options include a 540E/1,000/1,000E PTO. Triple Link suspension is also an option. For more information on the 7530 Premium, visit


The new 8R series tractors use the new John Deere numbering system. The first position is a number, which represents size. The second, third and fourth positions denote relative engine hp according to 97/68/EC standards.

The fifth position is a letter indicating capability and/or price level within its family. Letters higher in the alphabet specify a tractor with more advanced capabilities.

Some tractors will have a sixth position to designate specific configuration, such as a high-crop or narrow-profile tractor or to denote it has tracks.

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