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A soil scraper for all seasons

Leon scraper
ROUGH AND TOUGH: This scraper was designed to keep moving dirt efficiently when others might quit.
Move a lot of dirt and other material with these eight-way pull scrapers built for tough jobs.

If you’re ready to improve your land and it involves moving a lot of surface dirt, Leon Manufacturing has the scraper for you. These are not new offerings, but maybe you’re looking for a land scraper for the first time. Leon GZ625, GZ425 and GZ325 pull scrapers make a formidable lineup, with a size right for almost any operation.

Blade width comes in 18, 20 or 22 feet on the largest scraper, the GZ625. Choose a width of 12, 14 or 16 feet on the GZ425, and 8, 10 or 12 feet on the GZ325. All three scrapers feature eight-way hydraulic blade adjustments for lift, angle, tilt and offset settings on the blades.

The 18-foot GZ625 can carry 14 cubic yards, or 378 cubic feet, of soil. You’ll need up to 625 hp under the hood to get maximum use out of that model. The GZ425 can carry 3.22 cubic yards and is recommended for tractors up to 425 hp. If you’re working with tractors up to 325 hp, the GZ325 may be your choice. You can still carry 2.1 cubic yards with the 8-foot model, and back up to 3.22 cubic yards with the 12-foot model.

When spokespeople say these are all-season scrapers, they mean it. They’ll handle not only dirt, but also snow, clay and manure. Farmers use them for doing general landscaping, grading and developing roads, creating irrigation, cleaning ditches, rebuilding terraces, cleaning up brush, digging out rocks, leveling fields, cleaning feed lots, removing snow, and maintaining waterways.

Custom color packages are available if you want to match the scrapers to a tractor or other implement. You also have a choice of a clevis, swivel tongue, swivel clevis or swivel pivot tongue for hooking to the tractor. Land-leveling accessories to ensure accuracy in leveling and grading are available. Call Leon Manufacturing at 800-667-1581 or visit

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