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Quick hydraulic coupler saves time, frustration

hydraulic quick coupler
DISCONNECT IN A JIFFY: Unhooking the planter or hooking it back up no longer has to be a time-consuming, painstaking job because you have to fool with multiple hydraulic hoses. Unhook or hook up all units as one block with this device.
Inventor continues to refine this idea and make it applicable on more tractors.

If you’ve ever tried to hook up a hydraulic coupler when the implement was unhooked in the up position with pressure still in the hydraulic hose, you know it’s a “trick,” not a “treat.” If your solution is banging the ball on the end of the hose on the drawbar to free it up so it will couple, odds are you found yourself trying to explain to your spouse why your clothes were soaked with oil.

A quick-attach unit from Lankota allows you to hook up or disconnect all hydraulic couplers running to an implement at once by operating a single lever. No more banging coupler ends on metal or fidgeting with a stubborn coupler to hook it up.

Simply run short hoses from your tractor outlets to a coupler block and do all the coupling and uncoupling at once, instead of one at a time.

Lankota introduced this idea about three years ago and has expanded it to work on more models of tractors and implements. With all the functions run by hydraulics on modern planters, it’s quite likely that you may need up to six hydraulic couplers running oil back to the planter. Unhooking or hooking up one at a time becomes a hassle at best and a nightmare at worst.

Lankota now offers similar systems for combines and heads to simplify hooking up hydraulics with certain heads. One conversion kit works with MacDon headers. Call Lankota, Huron, S.D., at 866-526-5682 or visit

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