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Products help get seed to field

What’s new from the shows: Seed tenders and other seed-related products continue to be popular items.

If you are like most growers, you’re always rethinking how you get seed to the field. Are you doing it in the most efficient, fastest and economical way possible? Does your current system allow you to keep the planters and drills running as many hours per day as they possibly can?

With the emphasis on bulk handling, either in mini-bulks or bulk seed tenders, companies continue to bring out products with features they think might best fit certain operations. Bulk-seed handling is here to stay, and that’s definitely reflected in the number of products editors found at farm shows related to seed handling, especially with seed tenders.

In this display of new products for seed handling, you will find tenders designed to hold varying numbers of mini-bulk, hard plastic seed boxes. Seed companies are shipping both corn and soybean seed in these boxes upon request. Most of the tenders that hold these boxes are plumbed so that you can easily unload the seed through an auger or conveyor into the planter or drill. Whether you have center-fill seed units or individual row seed boxes may influence which models work best for you.

You will also find a seed tender for hauling bulk seed to the field. Bulk seed tenders pulled by pickups typically come equipped with their own auger and often with a small gas engine to power a hydraulic system to run the auger. Some even now come with remote controls that allow you to turn on and off the auger without standing at the control box, making it easier for one person to refill the planter, especially if you have individual seed boxes on each row.

Take a look at each new product and see if it might have a fit on your farm. Use the contact information to follow up and get more details.

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