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Corn+Soybean Digest



McCormick introduces the new CX series tractors. The CX 90, 100 and 110 are available in power ranges from 83 to 102 hp.

Equipped with a new modulation system that allows softer and more progressive clutch engagement, the new models also feature an improved braking system with doubled braking capacity.

All three models feature Xtrashift transmission with standard power shuttle and three full power shifts under load in each of the 12 gears. Tier 3 Perkins engines, complete with turbochargers and intercooling, are standard on the 100 and 110 models, which also have lengthened footing.

The CX models offer panoramic views from the cab and redesigned dashboard with simple-to-read, uncluttered readouts. Other new cab features include improved heating and air conditioning systems and a functioning sunroof.

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New from Crary is a patented air reel system to help your combine obtain the maximum yield. The new air reel quickly moves the crop off the cutbar and into the auger. The specialized air system is gentle on fragile crops and reduces shatter loss.

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New from Calmer Corn Heads for the Calmer Trash Reduction Kit for John Deere corn heads is the Bt Crusher Stalk Roll. A patented revolving window allows full engagement of Bt stalks with chrome-plated knife edge flutes, cutting and crushing vertically and horizontally into the stalk. The Bt Crusher is the first stalk roll capable of handling Bt stalks.

The trash reduction kit includes two Calmer Bt Crushers, two 6-tooth drive sprockets, two 9-tooth idler sprockets, two 48-pitch gathering chains and two manual or hydraulic beveled-edge stripper plates. The components are available as kits or individually.

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New Holland introduces the new CR9065 series combine. With best-in-class features in grain handling, tank capacity and cab design, the new model also offers the Cursor 10.3L six-cylinder diesel engine with a max hp of 463.

The twin-rotor design generates more centrifugal force for faster separation and grain quality. Also offered is the self-leveling cleaning system with a sensor that reads changes in terrain and automatically levels the cleaning system in slopes up to 15%.

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