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New utility tractor offers clean design

Photos by Willie Vogt Mahindra 5145 series tractor
CARVING A NICHE: Mahindra has launched the 5100 Series tractors, with the 5145 (shown) at 45 engine hp and the 5155 at 55 hp. Designed for small farms, or as a chore tractor on larger farms, it’s an easy-driving machine for work around the farm.
Mahindra 5100 Series offers two models, with a focus on ease of use and getting work done.

The utility tractor is a popular machine on a wide range of farm sizes. For the hobby farmer, it’s the chief workhorse, often sold with a loader. For the midsize farm, it can handle a range of work. And on larger farms, the smaller machines run grain setups and perform chores around the property. It’s also a competitive market segment, and Mahindra is raising its game with the new 5100 Series.

“This is the new class leader in the 30 to 50 PTO hp segment,” said Matt Glendon, senior director of marketing planning for Mahindra. “It fits into our focus of subcompact to utility tractors with a strong focus on the rural homeowner and landowner.”

Glendon was part of the senior leadership team at Mahindra introducing the new tractor over a virtual event. He said the tractors has been involved in extensive tests across a diverse range of work before its introduction, and in those trials, the company made design changes.

“A simple example is that we recognized in the initial trials that the pedals were too close together,” he said. “We took a size 13 boot to India to demonstrate how that would be used on the tractor.”

Mahindra is based in India but has a global footprint. During the launch, Viren Popli, president and CEO for Ag North America, shared a few stats about the company. “We’re a $19.4 billion company worldwide, and we’ve been around for 75 years,” he said. “We operate in 22 industry verticals, and we have a leadership position in many. We employ 250,000 employees in 100 countries, and we continue to invest and expand.”

Popli said the 5100 Series will be “transformational for our business for the segment where it’s being launched.”

Seat time with the 5100

While the event was virtual, Mahindra did arrange for Farm Progress to get some seat time in one of the machines — in this case, a 5145 at 45 engine hp.

The solid, basic tractor has some higher-end features like a comfort seat, called mComfort. You’ll also find a tilt-steering wheel, a two-step ladder for easier entry and a near flat floor.

Mahindra's 5100 series open station designOPEN STATION: Mahindra’s 5100 Series is only available as an open-station design. The user has easy access to the high-end seat, and in this view, can see the range lever on the lower left, gear lever on lower right and the shuttle to the left of the steering wheel. The synchromesh transmission makes for smooth shifting.

Also, the tractor has features that everyday users will find useful. Visibility to the front is clean, and either side of a loader bucket can be seen.

The synchromesh transmission shifts smoothly. It’s a 12-forward-by-12-reverse design, with four speeds in three ranges. Upshift or downshift from any speed, just like you would in a car.

And the 5100 has a forward-reverse shuttle as standard, which eases loader work. The loader controls mounted to the right were simple to operate and ergonomically positioned.

Tractor specs

The 5100 Series offers two models: the 5145 at 45 engine hp and the 5155 at 55 engine hp. Power comes from the Mahindra four-cylinder mCRD engine, which hits emission requirements with no need for a diesel particulate filter or diesel exhaust fluid.

The machines come standard with four-wheel drive. They feature 3,100-pound loader lift capacity and 3,748-pound lift capacity at the hitch. The hitch is a combination Category 1 and 2 design, offering flexibility on implement use.

The standard loader, which is U.S.-built but designed by Mahindra, has a quick-attach design so it can be used with a range of skid-steer-like connections.

The 5145, with loader, as shown is priced at about $38,000 together. For this size machine, the loader is commonly bought at the same time.

Jeff Goodwin, a regional business manager for Mahindra, said while this machine is positioned for smaller farms, it can replace that vintage tractor many farmers use as a chore machine. “And this one comes standard with four-wheel drive for more work, which those older machines don’t have,” he said.

You can learn more about the new 5100 Series at

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