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John-Deere-Gen-4-extended-monitor John Deere
John Deere has launched an extended monitor system that allows users to have two monitors in the cab.

New tillage, tech tools from Deere

Company launches two new tillage tools and a new monitor system for 2017.

As farmers park combines and start planning for next year, new tools are coming their way. John Deere has launched a new tech tool and two new tillage machines for 2017.

Monitoring and controlling a wide variety of operations while in the cab is always a challenge. For 2017, John Deere is launching two new solutions. First is a new Gen 4 Extended Monitor for producers who want an added in-cab display for added control. The solution is targeted for producers who want to monitor any number of machine, implement and precision ag functions including planting and product application.

With the system, operators can easily move pages and display functions from one display to another. Want to have your planter information on one monitor alone, while the other tractor information is on another. No problem. And with this setup you can decide which monitor has the information you need.

In announcing the tech, John Mishler, production and precision ag marketing manager for John Deere, noted: "We designed the Gen 4 Extended Monitor to be an easy-to-install and easily customizable solution that provides increased flexibility for customers who want a second display as part of their in-cab setup."

He explained that having the second monitor in the cab will allow operators to see more information and control more functions. With machines moving faster, this is an advantage. "The Gen 4 Extended Monitor eliminates the potential for mistmatched totals or data on two different display operating systems. There's no additional software updates required and minimal setup needed for this solution," Mishler said.

He added that the option is lower cost to the customer than an alternative display investment. Note also that one challenge with data integrity is creation of duplicate data, which can be difficult to manage.

The Gen 4 Extended Monitor is designed to work exclusively with the 4600 CommandCenter to offer an improved two-screen solution.

And the company is rolling out a new Rate Controller 2000 that integrates with many implements for high-resolution product control. The John Deere Rate Controller 2000 is compatible with many different equipment platforms, including non-John Deere pull-type sprayers, liquid and dry fertilizer systems, anhydrous applicators and some planters.

The John Deere Rate Controller 2000 aids in field documentation, map-based prescription applications, and overlap control when used with John Deere Section Control activation. Producers and ag service providers who use the new rate controller can manage the application of up to five different products, liquid or dry, and will have increased section control capabilities when making those applications.

New tillage tools ahead

Seedbed preparation is important these days to getting the crop off to the right start. And John Deere is offering two new tillage tools to help. These secondary tillage implements are designed to work faster to help boost productivity. They're designed to work in tough soil conditions and high levels of crop residue at speeds up to 10 mph.

The John Deere 2230 Level-lift and Floating Hitch Field Cultivator modes feature a redesigned frame with stubble resistant radial tires and no daily maintenance points.

John DeereJohn Deere 2230 field cultivator

John Deere is launching the new 2230 Field Cultivator series with a wide range of configurations.

The 2230 Field Cultivators are able to provide consistent soil mixing and residue flow using true six-inch split-the-middle-shank spacing with TruPosition standards with 200 pounds of trip force. The cultivator comes with three-section or five-section configurations in 15 different sizes from 23.5 feet to 60.5 feet wide.

For level or hilly terrain customers can choose the 2230 Floating Hitch Field Cultivator, which is available in 14 different widths from 25.5 feet to 69.5 feet, that can cover up to 217 more acres in a 10-hour day than previous models. Both the Level-lift and Floating Hitch Field Cultivators feature the ProFinishâ„¢ Leveling System with six rear harrow options that enable producers to achieve their desired level of field finish.

In addition, the industry-exclusive TruSet Tillage technology is included, giving the operator more precise on-the-go depth and down pressure control from the convenience of the cab. Operators can perform individual section leveling on the 2230FH with TruSet side-to-side. TruSet also enables variable depth prescriptions and documentation of tillage passes, helping produces capture more detailed field data for the entire production cycle.

Mulch finisher

John Deere is launching the fully redesigned 2330 Mulch Finisher to effectively size and distribute large amounts of residue while producing a smooth seedbed. A new frame design enables wider working widths, and there are added rear harrow options and precise adjustability from the cab.

John Deere

The 2330 Mulch Finisher is totally redesigned for the 2017 season.

The 2330 Mulch Finisher comes in nine sizes with widths from 21.75 feet to 56.25 feet and can operate at speeds up to 10 mph. It is designed with true nine-inch split-the-middle shank spacing, integrated TruSet technology and other features similar to the 2230 Field Cultivator.

For more information on the new Gen 4 Extended Monitor, the Rate Controller 2000 or the new tillage tools, visit

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