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Connect Mobile app John Deere Willie Vogt
The new Connect Mobile App from John Deere offers real-time monitoring of spraying or planting when in the field. The red lines in this simulated planter run shows how it looks when a unit is plugged.

New tech, and tractor, from Deere

John Deere rolls out enhanced mobile app for spraying and planting; and a feature-filled utility tractor

When John Deere launched Seedstar Mobile a couple years ago, the idea of monitoring your planter in real time from a tablet seemed pretty amazing. The company is pulling together that level of real-time monitoring into a single Connect Mobile App and at the same time offer even more features.

The new app will allow you to measure planter and sprayer application in real-time on an iPad. The new app, which is a new platform that offers similar functionality to SeedStar Mobile, but goes well beyond that, works only on an iPad Air 2 or newer. "We've taken the SeedStar mobile product and improved the user interface," said Amy Pousson-Noonan, John Deere. "And it's easier to format layers, and manage spraying too."

This is a new platform that starts with planting and spraying, and eventually will bring real-time measurement of harvest systems too. Today, you'll need to use the Harvest Mobile app, and that's true for the 2017 harvest season, Pousson-Noonan explained. "We're working toward that," she said.

On the screen using a regular sized iPad you can see seven key indicators for a planter or sprayer, from speed to product and more. And the real-time display can show you if trouble is happening. For example, if a planter row unit is not working, that shows up as a red line behind the tractor image on the display. And the legend of information you see on the system can be customized so you're seeing what you want where you want it, Pousson-Noonan added.

She added that the system will work with most John Deere planters built since 2009, as a retrofit. MaxEmerge and ExactEmerge planters are coming from the factory enabled to work with this technology now. This is a new level of application monitoring beyond the standard cab display.

A higher-spec utility tractor

John Deere has rolled out the new 5R Series tractor and a new 540 loader. This series has four machines from 90- to 125-engine horsepower. These machines leverage tech usually found on larger machines for use in the utility market. The "R" designation means these are the higher-speced tractors in the Deere line.

The machines feature a 7.4-foot wheelbase paired with a 60-degree steering angle, which offers a 12.1 foot turning radius.

The new John Deere 5R tractor, and matching 540R loader, have bigger-tractor features for their market place.

There are two fully electronic transmission options. The first is CommandQuad Manual, the other is Command8. The operator can use multi-range selection and toggle from B range through D range without stopping. And the base tractor includes AutoClutch, which comes from larger row crop tractors. With that system there's no clutching needed; step on the brake and the clutch disengages automatically.

The cab has a panorama roof for plenty of upward visibility, which is valuable when using a loader. And forward visibility is improved over the 5M series because of the use of a single-piece front windshield.

The 540R loader is also now available. This loader has an automatic mast latch, single-point hydraulic connection, remote implement latch and slide-slung self-leveling links provide an integrated loader experience. And removing the loader, or putting it back on, is a simple operation that requires only one trip out of the cab.

A mechanical or electrohydraulic loader joystick options is integrated into the swivel seat. Gear shift buttons and a joystick reverser are built into the loader joystick control.

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