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New products make hay handling easier, safer

skid-steer attachments.
TURN LOADER INTO SKID STEER: If you have a front-end loader but not a skid steer, Worksaver has adapters for John Deere and many other brands that accept skid-steer attachments.
Check out these new bale-moving options designed with flexibility and safety in mind.

Worksaver Inc., Litchfield, Ill., builds and sells products that make various chores around the farm go more smoothly, keeping you safe at the same time. Products vary from adapters that enable front-end loaders to use skid-steer attachments to big round bale movers, and many others as well.

Here are some new products Worksaver unveiled recently:

• Adapters for short-line loaders. You don’t have to have a John Deere tractor and loader to find an adapter that will allow you to convert your front-end loader into a receiver for skid-steer attachments. The proliferation of skid-steer attachments for all types of jobs has increased interest in adapters for people who have front-end loaders but not skid-steer machines.

There is also a growing number of tractor brands and accompanying loaders available to U.S. farmers and landowners. Worksaver just unveiled adapters to fit a number of these models. Most differences are in how the adapters hook up to the loaders. Different companies use slightly different systems for hookup. There are even different systems within the same brand of tractors in some cases, depending upon the size of the tractor and loader. Learn more at

FIT MORE MODELS: Worksaver introduces several new adapters for different colors and models of front-end loaders that allow them to accept skid-steer attachments.

Safer bale mover. This redesigned bale mover (below) features forks that are lower to the ground when attached to a front-end loader and in action, spokespeople say. That allows you to lift the bale higher than if the forks stick into the middle of the bale.

The mover also features a short, stabilizing point, with the tip covered by a tennis ball in this picture. Notice the backstop, which will rest against the bale. The stabilizer fork and backstop are designed to keep the bale stabilized and provide safer transport and handling of the bale.

Visit the Worksaver website for more details.   

SAFER BALE HANDLING: A stabilizing fork in the middle and a backstop for the bale makes this upgraded bale mover model from Worksaver safer to use for moving big bales. 
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