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Alterra 570 series from Textron pulling a trailer
NEW 500-CLASS ATV: The Alterra 570 Series from Textron offers a range of innovations, including a system that allows the rider to engage four-wheel drive on the go, from the handlebars.

New ATVs heading to market

Textron launches new all-terrain vehicles with feature and engine upgrades.

The all-terrain vehicle market remains competitive, and farmers know the value of these go-anywhere machines. While the side-by-side market has been building, the jump-on style of the ATV has value, too, and Textron is beefing up its line of these machines for 2019.

Leading the 2019 line is the Textron Off Road Alterra 570 ATV with three new machines — the Alterra 570, 570 EPS and 570 XT. These machines play in the 500 class, which is the heart of the ATV sector.

Power for the Alterra 570 models is the 545-cc, single-cylinder, closed-loop electronic-fuel-injected engine. The machine has 10 inches of front and rear suspension travel to take on tough terrain, and there’s 11 inches of ground clearance. The machines also feature adjustable front and rear springs, so the user can set ride quality to achieve the best performance.

When it comes to traction, Textron offers two approaches. For the 570 base and EPS (electric power steering) models, there’s the Rapid Traction System. For the 570 XT, buyers will have the Electronic Locking 4WD (EL4) system.

Located on the right handlebar for easy use, the RTS and EL4 technologies allow the rider to activate four-wheel drive while on the move. With these new models, you can switch from two-wheel drive to 4wd while keeping both hands on the handlebars. And the EL4 system on the XT is electronically controlled, allowing you to switch on the fly among 2wd, 4wd and 4wd lock, to match your operating conditions.

The Alterra 570 models all have a 2-inch receiver hitch for towing and hauling, and there are steel racks with unlimited tie-down positions. The battery is even positioned under the seat for protection from mud and debris.

MORE POWER: The Alterra 700 Series gets the new Textron Motors 700 engine, which is smaller and lighter for enhanced performance under a range of conditions.

More power
The Alterra 700 gets new power with an updated Textron Motors 700 engine that is 1.7 inches narrower and 12.4 pounds lighter. That means riders can accelerate harder, stop faster and climb more quickly.

The company achieved this weight and size reduction program by reducing the engine’s rotational mass by 30%. Addition of a new camshaft grind also boosts throttle response and stability, and emissions are reduced while idling. Textron reports riders will see increased low- and midrange torque with this engine. Textron even redesigned the continuously variable transmission cover to not only reduce weight but also improve drive-belt cooling.

The Alterra 700 also features a new direct-driven clutch with improved clutch calibration for faster back shifting on acceleration. With no wet clutch friction materials to contaminate engine oil, the company claims better performance and improved durability.

The Textron Motors 700 engine is available on the Alterra 700, 700 XT and the new Alterra 700 EPS.

The Alterra 700 line also includes the TRV 700, which is designed and tested for tandem riding. This two-person ATV has an extended frame, longer wheel base and heavy-duty sway bar to accommodate two riders. Hand holds in four unique locations ensure passenger stability. For added versatility, the TRV has a quick removable seat that can be replaced with an optional dump box, and the machine features standard EPS.

You can learn more about these new models at

Source: Textron Off Road

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