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More options available for handling, treating seed

What’s New From the Shows: Seed-handling and seed-treating products come to market.

The days of lugging 50-pound bags or even heavier bushel bags of soybean seed up to the planter box or drill bin are over — for the most part. So are the days of just dumping in a one-size-fits-all seed treatment into the seed box or hopper box.

There are exceptions, but easier ways of handling bulk seed and treating seed with the precise fungicides, insecticides or biological control product you need are here to stay.

The companies who specialize in these industries continue to innovate, listen to what customers want and introduce new equipment and seed treatment products to the market. Farm Progress editors spotted several of those products at recent farm shows.

If you treat a sizable amount of soybean seed on your own farm, because you do custom seed-treating or perhaps because you both farm and operate a seed dealership where you treat seed if a customer wants a seed treatment applied, check out the newest offering from KSi. This company has applying seed treatment down to a science, and the latest product added to their lineup makes that even more apparent than it was already.

Established companies such as UAS, which offer both seed-treatment equipment and seed-treatment products, continue to innovate. This year at farm shows, they showcased their new seed-treater control box, which makes treating seed even easier than it was before. Check it out in the photo gallery accompanying this story.

If you are more concerned about handling seed, look at Crustbuster’s Seed Tote. View the features that come with USC’s new flexible, versatile field loader. You will likely find multiple ways to use the field loader during the season.

Editors have provided contacts so that you can follow up on the products that interest you the most.

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