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Launching a new tractor tech platform

New Holland tractor with T8 Genesis PLM Intelligence
QUARTER-CENTURY UPGRADE: The Genesis brand has been with New Holland for 25 years, and this latest version — the T8 Genesis with PLM Intelligence — carries a significant tech upgrade.
New Holland debuts the latest version of its Genesis tractor, which is centered on innovation.

It seems like it wasn’t long ago that New Holland rolled out its Genesis brand, when in fact it has been 25 years since the first tractor to carry that name hit dealer showrooms. For 2020, the next-generation Genesis may make almost as much of a statement for New Holland, given the new technology platform created for the brand.

New Holland launched the T8 Genesis with PLM Intelligence at the recent National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky.; and while its base tech is related to the sister brand at CNH, users of this blue line will find some key differences in the field and in the new cab. The PLM stands for Precision Land Management, which is the brand the company uses for its precision farming technology.

“This redesigned tractor has been five years in the making,” said Ken Paul, New Holland high-horsepower marketing manager. “We held a number of customer clinics in the process of developing the machine.”

This new T8 Series sees no changes in the engine or power train, offering models from 180 to 380 hp. But climb into the cab, and the operator gets an entirely new operating experience.

Paul explained that the tractor incorporates a range of “best-in-class” features designed to provide the user easy access to information, higher visibility and greater simplicity to keep at work in the field. “We found in our customer clinics that not all operators around the world use tractors in the same way,” Paul said.

That may sound like common sense, but what does a company do with that information? He explained that there are nine “hot buttons” on the machine that users can configure in the way that works best for them. That approach provides up to 120 variations to the way the controls can be set up, and that information can be stored so a switch in operators is easy during busy times.

The new cab gets a cleaner design and a new control console. Perhaps the most visible change is the InfoView monitor positioned forward, giving the operator the ability to keep key machine info in front during operation. The bright monitor is designed to work under any light conditions, and with optional cameras can provide the user a better view ahead and behind during operation both in the field and on the road.

InfoView monitor
OFF THE POST: Key information during tractor operation has moved in the new T8 Genesis with PLM Intelligence tractor. This information, which can be customized, now sits forward of the operator with the new InfoView monitor. It can include an optional front camera for a better view.

Tablet influence
The smartphone and the tablet are changing the way everyone interfaces with information. The new IntelliView 12 display, which is Android-based, provides a tablet-like interface. During a demonstration of the system with Dan Halliday, PLM Global, New Holland product manager, it was easy to see that a first-time operator would be up and running relatively quickly.

The new setup also provides for enhanced fleet management. Halliday explained that a manager can take a live look at how a tractor that is miles away is performing.

“The manager can look at the remote display in near-real time and can interact with the operator in new ways,” Halliday said.

For example, if you are in the office and an operator has a question about a function on the new tractor, you can log into that machine’s screen to see just what’s going on. The use of remote display access isn’t new, but an innovation in the new system from New Holland is the ability to create a “pointer” on the remote screen to highlight specific actions for the operator. “That can help solve problems faster and get machines moving again,” Halliday said.

The new console has a high level of customizability, even on the go, Halliday explained. While those nine hot buttons can help you set up the machine for loader work or specific tasks easily, there’s the ability to customize hydraulic controls, too.

“Say you connect an implement and get to the field, and find out you have the remotes reversed from what you usually do,” Halliday said. “That’s not a problem. You don’t have to get out of the tractor to reconnect; instead, you can reconfigure the remotes from the display and get moving.”

That boosts productivity, but it also means that if you prefer to operate remotes in a specific way during fieldwork, you can customize that function, too. The new tech allows for much higher levels of flexibility versus past machines.

Halliday added that the IntelliView 12 monitor can be paired with a second monitor for enhanced control. “Some operators like to have different information on each monitor, and we can accommodate that,” he said. “We also interface with a range of data services, so the farmer can use precision farming information as they wish.”

He added that this T8 Genesis launch is global. “We’ve developed the best cab and work environment for the operator, and this is the first global T8 machine,” Halliday said.

Paul summed it up: “This is a game-changer for the industry with this T8, and in the next few years you’ll see more advancements with PLM Intelligence that will increase customer productivity.”

Learn more about the new technology at

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