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Horse trailer offers luxury for rugged environment

Range Master trailer
RUGGED EXTERIOR: The frame and exterior of a RangeMaster trailer is made of solid aluminum.
RangeMaster Trailers provide a rugged base to house luxurious living quarters.

If you love hunting, four-wheeling or partaking in wilderness sports, RangeMaster Trailers may have just the piece of equipment you’ve been looking for. The company offers luxurious living quarters in a trailer that’s hefty enough to go off-road, yet is equipped with practical features, such as a carcass winch, a pulldown processing table and a 62-cubic-foot cooler to keep your processed meat safe.

RangeMaster is a partnership between Signature Quarters, long known for its tough, yet elegant, living quarters in trailers designed for the horse show and racing industry, and Cimarron Trailers, which manufactures a full line of all-aluminum livestock trailers.

EXTRA BUNKS: Two fold-down bunks in the rear of the trailer provide extra sleeping room  and fold against the wall when not in use.

The gooseneck trailer pulled by a four-wheel-drive pickup is capable of going almost anywhere.

“Unlike RVs, which are made mostly for highway travel and use in developed parks, these trailers have the skeleton of livestock haulers meant to go over rough terrain and haul heavy loads,” says Travis Swafford, who was displaying the RangeMaster at this year’s 3i Show in Dodge City in October.

Inside, however, that rugged exterior takes a back seat to a luxurious hardwood living quarters equipped with a full kitchen, bath with round or neo-angle shower, sleeping quarters inside the gooseneck, a pullout sofa for more sleeping space and two pulldown bunks in the back that add more sleeping room.

LUXURY MASTER SPACE: A king-sized bed fills the gooseneck space in the trailer to provide sleeping quarters. A sliding door can close the space off for privacy.

Amenities include a directional satellite, an interior gun cabinet, wrapped insulation, a cellphone signal booster, and even an optional outdoor entertainment system that allows you to sit around the campfire and watch a movie or enjoy music.

Solid knotty alder hardwood is used in paneling, walls, floors, doors and trim.

The unit offers options for plugging into campground electrical power or firing up the Onan generator that can be customized to run on your choice of gasoline, diesel or propane. There is a water heater, fresh water tank, furnace and air conditioner.

There’s a full-height rear ramp for loading ATVs or other recreational vehicles.

“Every trailer is totally modifiable,” Swafford says. “We can work with each customer to add the features most important to them, and subtracting what they don’t need to get to a price that is within their budget. The starting price for a RangeMaster is $70,000.

For more information, email [email protected] or at visit

OUTDOOR WINCH: A carcass winch on the outside of the trailer is for processing game. A fold-down table offers space for cutting and packaging. The back of the trailer features a 62-cubic-foot cooler to preserve the meat.
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