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Field View monitor gives farmers early warning on planter problems

By the time a farmer finishes planting, he already has 50 percent to 60 percent of his production expense in the ground, so to speak. That’s why a properly functioning planter is so important and why companies are beginning to focus more attention on this vital piece of equipment.

Precision Plantings’ Andy Pace talked about his company’s latest tools for monitoring planting operations in a presentation at Monsanto/Deltapine’s New Product Evaluator or NPE Summit in Charleston, S.C., on Dec. 14.

“We came out with FieldView as an iPad app two years ago,” said Pace, Southeast regional manager for Precision Planting/IFS. “Everyone has an iPad or your wife or grandkids do. We take that simple app to a module. We plug it in to the 20/20 monitor, and we can bring all that data over and give you high-definition mapping.”

FieldView provides information about singulation, population, spacing, down force margin and ground contact in real time.

“In this situation here, we probably have a transmission problem,” said Pace, pointing to a slide. “This is a multi-transmission planter, and, in this singulation map, I’m seeing a lot of skips and doubles. I have some sort of vibration that’s happening on the right side and center of that planter.

“This screen tells me that I have some kind of problem. It could be a kinked chain or some other maintenance issue. But I know I need to stop this planter and make an adjustment. And that’s what it’s about – getting the information in your hands and allowing you to make that decision.”

Many farmers in the Delta, Southeast and Southwest don’t drive the tractor pulling the planter so Precision Planting has now introduced a new app, FieldViewPlus, which will enable the grower to monitor planter operations from the cab of his pickup, at home or “even on the beach in Mexico if that’s where you want to be.”

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