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Companies Offer Huge Planters, From 60 to 120 Feet Wide

If a little is good, a lot is better. When it comes time to plant, why not go for the gusto and get your crops in the ground quickly and efficiently with a big planter?

Here's a roundup of the biggest offerings from some of the most trusted brands.


Case offers the Early Riser 1260 in two models: a 32-row, 30-in. and a 36-row model available in 20-, 22- and 30-in. rows. The new, patented steerable rear axle offers maximum maneuverability, with transport widths as narrow as 13 ft., 8 in.

The 36-row model at 30-in. rows puts just 3,240 lbs. on the hitch. The new scissor hitch lifts the front-fold toolbar to the level position and automatically locks in the wings. Wing and carrier wheels on both models are walking tandem wheels, and outer wing flex is 20° up and down.

Options include pneumatic down-pressure control, as well as AFS AccuRow control, allowing automatic row shut-off based on GPS. It is controlled from the AFS Pro 600 monitor. The monitor can also adjust seeding rates from the cab with the push of a button.

Both models use the Case IH Advanced Seed Meter system, which is a vacuum meter system with larger-diameter, slower-turning disk for placement accuracy for a variety of seed sizes.

Standard on the 1260 are two central-fill 60-bu. hoppers. An optional 600-gal. liquid fertilizer tank is available on all models.

For more information on the Early Riser 1260, go to


Available from Great Plains is the YP-2425, a 24-row, 60-ft. planter with 15-, 20- and 30-in. spacing, as well as twin-row. The YP-2425 features a floating hitch design and folds to a transport width of 14 ft., 10 in. The telescoping tongue retracts in field position for short headlands and easier maneuverability.

You have a choice of two 82-bu. bulk poly hoppers or two seed companies' bulk seed boxes. An air delivery system uses air to move the seed from hopper to row meters mounted on 25 Series openers. Precision finger pickup meters are available for corn; Great Plains Singulator-Plus meters are available for soybeans.

Also an option on the YP-2425 is a 2,000-gal. fertilizer cart. The row unit can be equipped with a range of attachments, including no-till coulters or frame- or unit-mounted row cleaners.

For more information on the YP-2425, go to


Announced in early 2009, the John Deere DB120 is the largest planter on the market. A 48-row implement, the DB120 is 120 ft. wide and offers 30-in. row spacing.

The front-fold, five-section flex-frame planter comes with CCS RefugePlus bulk-fill and Pro-Series XP row units. Its John Deere seeding technology includes 125-bu. seed capacity, SeedStar 2 monitoring and variable-rate seed drives as well as pneumatic down force. RowCommand is also standard on the DB120 and offers the ability to turn on and off up to 16 sections. Options include front-mounted row cleaners or coulters.

For more on the John Deere DB120, see or go to

KINZE 3800

Kinze offers the 3800 forward-folding, 24-row planter with 30-in. spacing.

The 3800 has a three-section frame with 10° of up and down flex. A dedicated transport axle is positioned ahead of the toolbar for better balance and maneuverability. The transport width of the 3800 is 14 ft., 7 in.

Available with conventional or centrally located seed hoppers, the 3800 has a 110-bu. seed capacity. Seed metering options include mechanical or EdgeVac vacuum metering. Air-actuated, single-row clutches can be shut off manually, or automatically via GPS.

Options on the 3800 include Kinze Vision or Cobalt display, rubber V closing wheels, cast-iron closing wheels, quick-adjustable down force springs, liquid fertilizer system, rear trailer hitch, pneumatic down pressure and dual transport tires.

For more information on the Kinze 3800, go to

WHITE 8824

A 24-row, 30-in. planter, the 8824 is available as ground or hydraulic drive and it folds to a transport width of 12 ft.

Two 45-bu. translucent polyethylene hoppers are offered with the central-fill system, or operators may choose 2- or 3-bu. individual seed hoppers. Steps are located at the rear of the planter for hopper access. A 750-gal. liquid fertilizer attachment is available, along with double disc or single disc side knife openers.

The 8824 has a three-section frame with the choice of a two-point hitch or drawbar hitch. Wing flex is 21°.

Options for the 8824 include map-based variable-rate seeding, granular chemical, standard- or heavy-duty down pressure springs and row-unit-mounted tillage.

For more information on the White 8824, go to

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