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Companies introduce UTVs at shows

What’s New From the Shows: New UTV models fill farm niches with a variety of options.

By Farm Progress staff

The utility vehicle is earning its keep on farms across the country. Seeing a farmer or family member driving a UTV across the barn lot or field is as common today as seeing someone drive a utility tractor. Many believe it’s also more fun!

Several companies that make UTVs which have a fit on farms and ranches introduced new models recently. These new models fit gaps in their previous lineups of UTVs, or fill a niche where customers said there was a need for a specific type of UTV.

These models vary in features and prices. Introducing a new model helps the company making it round out its lineup and make its overall offering of UTVs more complete.

UTVs vary in everything from the kind of fuel it takes to run the engine to how much load they can carry in the bed. Many larger models feature diesel engines. Kubota introduced the RTV-XG850 Sidekick with a gas engine for those who want power but still want a gas-powered utility vehicle.

One of the biggest pluses of the newest Kubota UTV entry, spokespersons say, is the longer warranty it carries compared to competitive products from other companies in its class. 360Yield Center is pioneering the use of UTVs, like the one shown above, to refill planters with starter fertilizer on the go.

Compare each of the new models for such features as how many people it can carry, how much weight it can haul and tow, and what type of transmission it offers. You’ll also notice differences in top speeds among various models, depending upon the intended use of the UTV.

Each company does a good job of providing information about all their models of UTVs on its respective website. Consult the information listed here to find website locations for each new model.

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