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Ag tires of all sizes and styles hit the market

What’s New From the Shows: Companies introduce new tires for agriculture.

Imagine farming today with steel wheels, which were common on early implements. Even the first tractors featured steel wheels. Tire companies specializing in producing tires for agriculture have come a long way since man first invented the wheel.

Each year, most tire companies either introduce a new tire or new sizes of tires for an existing line of ag tires, or they do both. This year was no exception. Most major tire companies that serve the farm and ag tire market were represented at farm shows and displayed their newest tires.

What stood out after visiting with reps from several tire companies was that anyone serious about selling tires to farmers understands they need both an efficient tire that will last and one that will deliver effective power to the ground while only creating minimal soil compaction.

The terminology of tires can be confusing. But boiled down to the simplest terms, there are tires made specifically for almost every need on the farm today. If you need a tractor tire for a midsize tractor, most companies have more than one style or price range available. You can go for economy, or for a tire that the company believes delivers top performance while still at an affordable price.

There are tires made just for grain carts and tires for combines. These tires must handle heavy loads in the field, yet also deliver performance on the road as well. Companies use a variety of techniques, including changing the angle of tread, sometimes even from the center to the outside of the tire, to produce products that will achieve these goals.

Several tire companies from overseas are now offering tires in the U.S. for the ag market. Most find that farm shows are a good place to introduce themselves and to educate farmers about their products.

You will find tires from some of these companies included in the lineup of new tires for 2020.

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