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Equip controls grass, broadleafs in Mid-South corn

EQUIP CORN HERBICIDE — the most recent addition to the Bayer CropScience corn herbicide portfolio — received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approval in time for use during the 2003 growing season.

Equip is a broad-spectrum herbicide that controls grasses such as foxtail, johnsongrass and shattercane. It also controls broadleaf weeds such as cocklebur, lambsquarter, morningglory, ragweed, sunflower and velvetleaf.

Greg Perrigo, Equip marketing manager, said, “Equip is a herbicide that provides the most complete weed control of any conventional, postemergence herbicide for corn, resulting in cleaner fields with less effort.”

One of the active ingredients of Equip is foramsulfuron — the same active ingredient found in Option corn herbicide. But, Perrigo said, Equip also contains iodosulfuron, a new proprietary herbicide for broadleaf control that also has targeted residual for continued control of small-seeded broadleaves such as lambsquarter, pigweed and smartweed.

The preferred adjuvant system for Equip is MSO + UAN (28-32 percent) or AMS. The Equip formulation also contains a unique safener that allows tank-mixing opportunities not often found with other herbicides. For example, applicators may choose to tank-mix Equip with another herbicide for more residual grass control. The safener allows tank-mixing Equip, MSO + nitrogen and herbicides such as Marksman.

Growers and applicators should refer to the product label for a complete listing of tank-mix partners.

Perrigo said the introduction of Equip reinforces the dedication of Bayer CropScience to delivering viable, effective and economic weed control options. “We recognize that growers sometimes feel their choices are limited when it comes to making weed control decisions. But with the introduction of two new postemergence herbicides in two years, we hope growers will see that Bayer CropScience is dedicated to developing new products to meet the needs of their farming operations,” he added.

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