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Envirofreaks' bizarre overpopulation solution

For those who forgot Valentine’s Day, the Center for Biological Diversity in Tucson, Ariz., has the gift idea for you.

This group of folks is out to save the animals and plants of the world by reducing the world’s human population and have fun doing it. How? By distributing “free, edgy, fun, endangered species condoms.”

Yep. You read it here first … free condoms to reduce the world’s human population.

I thought it was a joke or spam when the e-mail arrived announcing this free condom campaign “to highlight the devastating impact of overpopulation on endangered species and their habitats.”

Not just any drug store-variety condoms. There are “six endangered species featured” on the freely distributed condoms. The news release did not specify the species. Maybe a cheetah or a long-neck woodpecker? Maybe a long snout-nosed hairy frog. Okay. Far enough.

You can contact this hilarious group directly for your free shipment of condoms or you can look for the “large number of volunteer condom distributors all over the country” who apparently snugly adhere to the principles espoused by the Center for Biological Diversity, who believe humans are screwing up the world for animals.

This is not a lighthearted attempt by the CBD to herald the plight of endangered species. To prove it, here is a quote from the center’s overpopulation expert who heads up the free condom campaign:

“The Center for Biological Diversity joins this year’s Global Population Speak Out to help raise awareness about this critical environmental issue and the endangered species and habitats threatened by human overpopulation,” said Randy Serraglio, a conservation advocate on the center’s payroll. “Unsustainable human population growth is the primary underlying factor driving the current decline and mass extinction of other life on earth.”

Randy hopes to reverse “unsustainable human population” to prevent the “mass extinction of other life” by passing out free condoms.

I shutter to think what flippant recommendations this bunch will offer when the free condom giveaway fails to help “other life” at the expense of us lesser humans.

For more insight into this whacked-out group, one of the things they have proposed is to close all bat caves in the U.S. because they “suspect” people who visit caves are spreading a deadly bat disease that has killed bats in the Northeast. Yep, close the Grand Canyon and Carlsbad Caverns among other bat habitats. They also want the government to buy private caves to protect bats there.

Know who is funding this group’s lawyers/environmental whackos and their condom-purchasing escapades? You and me. Yep, taxpayers pay the legal fees for outfits like CBD when they sue and win. These government-paid fees go toward continuing their existence.

This is a frightening environmental advocacy group. I have heard experts on these extremist groups say their goal is extinction of humans on earth. I now believe it, and it is not comical.

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