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SeedStar Mobile collects and monitors planter data on a row by row basis Here you can see on the Actual Population Map that row number 4 on the planter has stopped planting as indicated by red colored population data on the map
<p>SeedStar Mobile collects and monitors planter data on a row by row basis. Here you can see on the Actual Population Map that row number 4 on the planter has stopped planting; as indicated by red colored population data on the map.</p>

New SeedStar Mobile app from John Deere

New mobile app from John Deere will let you monitor planter performance in real time from your iPad or smart phone.

With spring planting underway, John Deere is completing the final round of testing of its new iPad app for planters called SeedStar Mobile, first previewed at National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY. Due out in 2015, the app is designed to work in conjunction with the GreenStar 3 2630 display, on select planter models.

Depending upon the configuration of the planter, SeedStar Mobile collects and monitors seed population rates, singulation, seed spacing, applied downforce, gauge wheel margin, variety, ride quality, and ground speed on a row-by-row basis.  This data is shown to the operator on an iPad in the cab in real-time as performance dashboards and high-definition maps, making it easier for the operator to visualize planter performance. 

SeedStar Mobile also wirelessly sends the planting data to the MyJohnDeere web portal. Using this portal, a farm manager can remotely monitor planter performance from any internet-enabled device and see the same data the operator sees in the cab in near real time. The manager can take the planting data on the iPad out to the field, where he or she can use it to make decisions for the following season.

The system tracks nine different data attributes while planting. Shown above is the available Performance Dashboards that the producer can customize on the iPad while planting.

One of the biggest benefits of SeedStar Mobile is optimizing planter performance.  By using the performance dashboards and row-by-row high definition maps, the producer can more easily recognize problems with the planter and then perform the necessary adjustments or repairs that are needed to correct the issue.  By using SeedStar Mobile, the producer can quickly and easily identify and resolve planter problems, reducing the possibility of improper seed placement or population.  

Mike Brandert, Senior Product Manager at John Deere’s Intelligent Solutions Group, says that SeedStar Mobile comes at a time when planters are getting larger, faster, and more sophisticated. “John Deere’s newest planter, ExactEmerge, can accurately plant at speeds up to 10 mph,” Brandert says. “As planting speed increases, tools to help producers understand and optimize the performance of the planter are vital to ensure proper seed placement which maximizes the yield potential of the crop.  SeedStar Mobile enables producers to instantly monitor and better understand planter performance.  Producers will have the confidence that the planter is running at the highest level of precision and accuracy.”

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the screens you’ll see when the new SeedStar Mobile app is launched in 2015.

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