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Digital calibration A new digital meter allows you to calibrate a meter without running fluid through it. Sotera Systems' 820 digital meter is a replacement for the 810 meter. The 820 is designed to be calibrated with the touch of a button. To determine the proper setting, the user refers to the calibration chart that accompanies each meter. The chart lists many common fluids and their proper calibration setting. In addition to digital calibration, it also allows for conventional liquid calibration. The meter features a round shape that affords a watertight seal, keeping its electronics protected at all angles. Contact Tuthill Corp., Dept. FIN, 8825 Aviation Dr., Fort Wayne, IN 46809, 219/747-7524.

Yield monitor

New sensor technology is available in the YG 3030 yield monitor for choppers from Technological Solutions International (TSI). The monitor allows for accurate measurement of airborne crops such as silage. It uses the same Windows '95 yield program that is used by other TSI yield monitors. The monitor also incorporates a moisture system into the sensor. Data storage is unlimited and the system can be used with any 486 laptop or notebook computer, DX100 with 16 mg of RAM or better. Price: $3,000 (not including GPS or computer). Contact TSI, Dept. FIN, Box 104, Ulm, MT 59485, 406/452-0686.

Updated software

Get more bang for your buck while making management decisions when you use the updated SSToolbox version 3.1 upgraded software. You can map out fields and find correlations between soil types and yields or determine which areas of your fields need specific fertilizer applications. The software helps you plan ahead for the following year's planting needs.

New functions include Means Table, Correlation Matrix and Point Stats by Polygon. The Means Table can be used to learn the characteristics of a good yielding area of a field. The Correlation Matrix determines a positive or negative relationship between attributes such as yield and soil fertility levels. Contact SST Development Group, Dept. FIN, 824 N. Country Club Rd., Stillwater, OK 74075, 405/377-5334.

Talk about fun!

At our Truck Rodeo and ATV Rodeo last summer, staff members used two-way radios from Motorola to communicate with each other while out on the tracks.

The brightly colored, fun-to-use TalkAbout radios provided a calling range of 1 mile. According to the company, the radios provide crystal-clear communication within a range of up to 2 miles. And in a separate test, we operated them with good reception 3 miles apart.

The 7-oz., 41/2-in.-tall radios operate on the new Family Radio Service (FRS) so they don't require any licensing or service fees. FRS is a band of radio frequencies set aside by the FCC specifically for family or recreational use. The water-, dust-, and shock-resistant two-ways are made from the lightweight, high-impact plastic that is used in motorcycle helmets.

TalkAbouts come in four models with different features and have a price range of $99.99 to $179.99 per radio. Contact Motorola Consumer & Retail Radio Business Div., Dept. FIN, 1125 Satellite Blvd., Suite 101, Suwanee, GA 30024, 800/353-2729. - Roxanne Furlong

A view from behind

Extend your vision in your tractor or combine with Ag-TV from A&T Enterprises. Ag-TV consists of one or two video cameras mounted on the outside of your machine and a 5-in. black-and-white monitor inside the cab. The cameras can be pointed in any direction to allow you to view the scene to your left or right or behind you as you travel through your fields.

Price of the unit is $549. Contact A&T Enterprises, Dept. FIN, 733 Athens Rd., Sherwood, MI 49089, 517/741-3208.

Spreader controller

Control liquid or dry materials using just one processor when spreading product with New Leader's L2020GT fertilizer/lime spreader and model 7020 environmental spreader, now available with the Mid-Tech TASC-6100 data link interface. Previously, the spreaders came with the DGPS-ready Mark III ground speed control system that controlled dry material only. Contact Highway Equipment Co., 616 D Ave. N.W., Cedar Rapids, IA 62405, 319/363-1771.

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