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DuPont herbicide receives expanded E.P.A. registration for cotton preplant burndown

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has granted an expanded registration for the use of DuPont Harmony GT XP herbicide for burndown of emerged weeds in cotton.

Applied early preplant, the product delivers excellent burndown activity of winter weeds in stale seedbeds, especially where crop residue on reduced and no-till acres may harbor weed growth. Used in stale seedbed or other conservation-tillage programs, Harmony GT can control more than 50 troublesome weeds including Pennsylvania smartweed, curly dock, Carolina geranium and wild garlic.

Marty Wojcik, DuPont cereals product manager, pointed out that although the product had previously been registered for use on cotton, the new registration shortens the time period required between product application and planting from 45 to seven days.

“For farmers using or planning to use conservation-tillage, failure to control weeds that emerge during the warm Southern winter can make planting difficult, if not impossible,” Wojcik said. “Weeds that escape from an early burndown treatment will stay in the fields after planting, becoming progressively harder to control and causing yield losses. The best time to control weeds is early, when weeds are just beginning to grow.”

He said that adding Harmony GT to the burndown tank-mix helps increase the weed control effectiveness of glyphosate and broadens the weed control spectrum of products such as Liberty, Ignite and Roundup.

Harmony GT can be applied at 0.2 to 0.33 ounce per acre. Allow at least seven days between application and planting of cotton. A non-ionic surfactant, petroleum based crop oil concentrate or vegetable-seed oil based product should be included in the tank-mix.

The products may be applied with other suitable registered herbicides, and by ground or air.

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