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Dry it, move it, store it

New conveyors

Rapat Corporation claims its new FX series conveyors will move your seed quickly into bins or trucks without damage. Officials for the Hawley, MN, firm say that the conveyors work well for loading seed totes into trucks and that their enclosed frame design reduces dust and virtually eliminates spillage. Removable access panels and hopper end clean-out door make maintenance and cleaning easier without the threat of cross-contamination of seed.

Four models of the conveyor come in lengths ranging from 20 to 35 ft. Manufacturer's suggested retail prices range from $4,250 to $4,650.

For more information, contact Rapat Corp., Dept. FIN, 919 O'Donnell St., Hawley, MN 56549, 800/325-6377,

New dryers

New this season from Mathews Company are seven new models of its Infinity series grain dryer. Drying capacity for each model ranges from 185 to 575 bu./hr.

“They have a lot of applications,” says Richard Zinke, Mathews general sales manager. The dryers feature low-pressure, high-efficiency burners, a simplified metering and drive system, and a new weatherproof high-voltage cabinet with quick disconnect. The dryers are fitted with a heavy-duty, 10-in. unloading auger with ¼-in. flighting.

Prices range from $25,000 to $62,000. For more information, contact Mathews Co., Dept. FIN, Box 70, Crystal Lake, IL 60039, 800/323-7045.

Strengthened tanks

Behlen redesigned the structural system of its hopper tanks to produce a new line boasting more strength. The company now offers 14 different-size tanks ranging in capacity from 18,164 to 56,768 bu. Structural “I” beams provide the backbone for the new support system. The roofs will withstand a 20-lb./sq. ft. live load, inward or outward. The tanks include a large roof opening, four rows of bolts on vertical seams, and heavy, hat-shaped outside stiffeners. Prices for the new tanks depend on size and capacity. A 19,000-bu. tank retails for about $39,000. For more information, contact Behlen Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Box 569, Columbus, NE 68601, 402/564-3111.

Rounded conveyor line

This summer, NECO Manufacturing, Omaha, NE, will launch its new 16-in. rounded bottom paddle conveyor. The unit joins the firm's 6-, 9- and 12-in. models.

“We're trying to meet the demands of the industry by handling more product,” says Bill Hiltgen, general manager at NECO. “The name of the game these days is keeping up with the combine.”

The 16-in. conveyor can move 7,800 bu. of grain/hr. in a horizontal position, compared with 4,400 bu./hr. for the 12-in. unit. Like the other versions, the 16-in. unit gives 100% clean-out between grain batches. “It works really well for guys who want to handle different types of seed,” Hiltgen says.

NECO plans to market the 16-in. conveyor in June. At press time, the firm had not yet announced the conveyor's price. For more information, contact NECO, Dept. FIN, 9364 N. 45th St., Omaha, NE 68112, 800/367-6208,

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