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“Drill press” for hand drills

Need some added oomph to draw your drill bit into tough drilling projects and field repairs? You might want to check out the PressureHandle, an add-on accessory for high-end, handheld power drills. This device won’t replace your stationary shop drill press, but it will work in situations where using a drill press isn’t practical. Turning the rotating grip on the PressureHandle activates a 30:1 reduction gear and chain, drawing the drill bit into the material being drilled at a constant pressure.

Team FIN farmer Steve Webb recently tested the PressureHandle on his farm. Here’s what he had to say about it.

Upgrading and repairing machinery in the field can save time and money, so I often find myself doing a lot of drilling into metal machinery with a power hand drill. The PressureHandle makes many of these tough drilling jobs easier, but it takes some getting used to.

At first it felt strange that I didn’t need to use any muscle power to push the drill in. The PressureHandle provides all the force, pulling the drill bit in much more efficiently than I could ever push. Instead of pushing, I needed to concentrate more on guiding the drill in straight and accurately. The first couple of times seemed a bit awkward, but once I got used to it, I realized that I could be more accurate than without the PressureHandle. And I didn’t have the muscle strain and stress I would have had without the product.

I think the PressureHandle is a very good product, and its simplicity and quality materials should translate to years of reliable service. If you do a lot of drilling, it’s probably worth the $130 price. One point of caution, however, is that this product is no substitute for a good, sharp drill bit. Use the PressureHandle with a sharp bit, and you should be satisfied with the product.

To learn more about the PressureHandle, visit For a selection of various-sized drill bit sharpening machines, visit

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