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D&PL varieties feature high yield, fiber quality traits

New Delta and Pine Land Company cotton varieties for the Southwest demonstrate high yield and good fiber quality potential in trials, matching grower and textile mill needs. D&PL expects to have good seed supplies for the following new products:

DP 488 BG/RR, a Bollgard/Roundup Ready variety, shows outstanding results in full-season environments — particularly in south Texas. It is a mid- to full-season variety that in 2004 demonstrated micronaire in the 4.3 range, length of 37 and strength in the 31 grams per tex range.

DP 432 RR is an early-maturing, second-generation Roundup Ready variety that has performed well in west Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Kansas. This variety has shown good storm resistance. In 2004 testing, DP 432 RR demonstrated potential for 36 to 37 staple length, 4.0 micronaire and strength of 29 grams per tex.

DP 434 RR offers excellent yield and fiber potential with consistent, premium micronaire characteristics and staple in the 36 to 37 range. This variety should be a good choice for refuge acres because it has demonstrated the potential to maintain longer average staple length in non-irrigated growing conditions.

DP 494 RR, available in limited seed supplies for 2005, is a mid- to full-season Roundup Ready variety. It offers an excellent fiber package potential with staple length history in the 36 to 37 range, strength of 31 or better, and a 4.4 micronaire. This variety has demonstrated good performance in full-season areas such as south Texas and has exhibited higher average gin turnout than DP 5415 RR in west Texas tests.

DP 445 BG/RR seed also will be limited for 2005. It shows excellent yield potential in central Texas. An early- to mid-season variety, DP 445 BG/RR has exhibited good fiber quality potential with strength averaging in the 31 or better range, 36-plus staple and a 4.3 micronaire.

A mid- to full-season variety, DP 455 BG/RR seed supplies will be limited in 2005. It has shown excellent yield potential in south Texas and combines high-yield potential with excellent fiber quality. It has demonstrated potential to produce premium micronaire in south Texas with strength in the 31 or better range and staple in the 36-plus range.

“These new products, along with such outstanding varieties as DP 555 BG/RR and DP 444 BG/RR, give the Southwest cotton grower unparalleled options in 2005,” said Jim Willeke, nice president of sales and marketing at D&PL.

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