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D&PL introduces seed-count packaging

Seed-count packaging is a revolutionary change from traditional cotton seed packaging and is intended to simplify pricing and production planning, according to Jim Willeke, vice president of sales and marketing for D&PL.

“The change to seed-count packaging was a customer-driven decision that will result in more equitable pricing to producers, dealers and distributors,” Willeke said

D&PL invested three years studying the sizes and densities of its cotton varieties and the mechanics of seed packaging. The company also surveyed producers, dealers and distributors before making the decision to package 250,000 seeds per bag. Each Boll Box of D&PL upland varieties will contain approximately 8 million seeds, the equivalent of 32 seed-count bags.

Seed-count packaging will help standardize technology fees and make inventory management for the company’s distribution partners more precise. Because seed sizes and densities vary from variety to variety - and even within a given variety - the switch to seed-count packaging will result in variable bag weights.

“At 250,000 seeds per bag, the range of potential bag sizes is kept to a minimum,” said Willeke. “At this number, approximately 98 percent of D&PL seed-count bags will weigh approximately 40 to 65 pounds.”

Pallets will continue to hold 50 bags and be stacked 10 bags high. The weight of fully-loaded pallets will depend on the different bag weights and will range from approximately 2,100 pounds to 3,350 pounds, including the pallet.

The new seed-count packaging strategy means producers, dealers and distributors will have to change the way they forecast the number of units needed. D&PL will once again take a leadership role by providing information and assistance to guide its customers through a new process of determining the number of units necessary to plant a certain number of acres.

“When we surveyed the industry, 250,000 seeds per bag was the favorite,” Willeke said. “We are very confident in the equipment and procedures put into place to make seed-count packaging possible. D&PL is committed to offering quality planting seed, and we are equally committed to packaging seed precisely.”

Delta and Pine Land Co. is a commercial breeder, producer and marketer of cotton planting seed, as well as soybean seed, in the Cotton Belt. For almost 90 years, the company has used its extensive plant breeding programs, drawing from a diverse germplasm base, to develop improved cotton varieties. Delta and Pine Land Company (NYSE: DLP), headquartered in Scott, Miss., has offices in eight states and facilities in several foreign countries. For more information, please refer to the company’s website at


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