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Demand strong for Clearfield rice varieties in 2008

Due to unexpected seed shortages last season, red rice enjoyed a stellar comeback on many fields, and in 2008, rice farmers more than ever need the economic and efficient weed control offered by the Clearfield system.

“In 2008, farmers can get back to cleaning up fields with proven Clearfield rice varieties that offer good yields, milling quality and the highest tolerance to Newpath herbicide on the market,” said Randy Ouzts, general manager of Horizon Ag.

“There is a good supply of Horizon Ag Clearfield rice varieties for the coming season. Interest has been great this fall and bookings are happening early for both CL161 and CL171-AR across the Rice Belt.”

Launched in 2007, CL171-AR has demonstrated very desirable characteristics on a broad-acre basis, including high yield potential, superior straw strength, excellent herbicide tolerance and high cup weights at harvest. Preliminary milling yields on CL171-AR have been very encouraging. Many farmers have reported very good yield performance in 2007 with yields as high as 212 dry bushels per acre in Missouri.

Developed by the University of Arkansas, CL171-AR appears to have better straw strength than Wells and CL161. Based on 2007 performance, it should be a solid Clearfield variety for growers who have experience with Wells and CL161, offering both high yield potential and good milling quality, according to Ouzts.

Another Clearfield rice variety in good supply for 2008 is CL161, the product that set the standard for yield, milling and herbicide tolerance in Clearfield rice.

CL161 has been proven on over 1 million acres since it was launched and provides the yield, milling and weed control stability rice farmers need to be successful.

“We are working with all of our seed processors to see that Clearfield rice variety lots meet all federal and state standards for the 2008 season,” Ouzts said.

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