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Dekalb's YieldMaker offers top yield, profit performance

DeKalb has introduced its 2008 class of 41 new YieldMaker products, all of which have been developed from a broad, industry-leading germplasm pool and tested under local growing conditions. The 2008 lineup includes products developed for improved weed control and season-long insect protection.

“Our new YieldMaker corn products contain exclusive genetics and a wide range of traits with greater standability, yield potential and drydown capabilities,” says Bob Starke, U.S. corn product manager for Monsanto.

“Our 2008 lineup is state of the art, and we have the numbers from extensive research and field trials to back up this claim,” he said.

13,475 DeKalb and third-party in-field comparisons showed that DeKalb YieldMaker corn products outyielded competitive products by an average of 9.2 bushels per acre, he said.

“These same field comparisons also showed that DeKalb YieldMaker corn products were on average 0.5 percent drier at harvest than competitive products.

“Together, the yield and drydown advantages of DeKalb corn delivered an average profit advantage of $28.21 per acre compared with competitive products,” Starke said.

Along with high-performing germplasm, YieldMaker corn products offer growers a wide selection of built-in traits, allowing growers to select the specific trait or trait combinations best-suited for their field conditions and management practices.

Such traits include Roundup Ready 2 technology, YieldGard VT, YieldGard Corn Borer, YieldGard Rootworm and YieldGard Plus, which offers protection against corn rootworms, corn borers and secondary insect pests.

Here is a brief description of five new DeKalb YieldMaker products:

  • DKC50-44 — Excellent emergence, root and stalk strength, as well as drought tolerance and drydown. Offers Monsanto's YieldGard VT Triple technology, which combines YieldGard VT second-generation rootworm control and Roundup Ready 2 technology with YieldGard Corn Borer. Maintains yield level across a wide range of growing conditions. Very good ear retention and test weight.

  • DKC52-59 — Excellent drydown and yield potential for a 102-day relative maturity product. Excellent root quality and very good stalks, along with very good drought tolerance. Features Monsanto's YieldGard VT Triple technology. Very good emergence and seedling growth.

  • DKC61-19 — A 111-day relative maturity product. Offers excellent yield potential for the maturity. Offers a very good overall disease package, including good gray leaf spot tolerance. Very good emergence and seedling growth allow for early planting. Also offers YieldGard VT Triple technology.

  • DKC61-69 — Another 111-day relative maturity product. Offers YieldGard VT Triple technology and outstanding yield performance. Good overall disease package and very good test weight and grain appearance.

  • DKC63-42 — A 113-day relative maturity product. Features excellent emergence and early-season growth that fits early planting and reduced-tillage situations. Very good disease package, including gray leaf spot tolerance. Very good roots and stalks. Features YieldGard VT Triple technology.

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