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Deere introduces new 5003 Series Tractors

For customers looking for economical horsepower in a durable, compact package, John Deere introduces a new line of 5003 Series Tractors, ranging in horsepower from 45- to 74-engine hp.

“These new tractors feature 2.9L John Deere PowerTech engines, designed with turbocharged performance to help operators get more done, day in and day out,” says Mike Alvin, product manager, John Deere Commercial Products. “The engines provide excellent torque, fuel efficiency, and offer durable horsepower for many applications.”

Two transmissons are available, the 9F/3R SyncReverser for two-wheel drive models, and the 9F/3R SyncShuttle for four-wheel-drive models.

“The SyncReverser provides an in-line synchronized shuttle shift of nine forward and three reverse speeds,” explains Alvin. “Operators can easily switch directions without having to completely stop the tractor between selected shifts which makes this ideal for loader work.

The SyncShuttle offers the same features plus allows forward synchronized shifting with clutching between gears on-the-go.”

The four-wheel-drive models feature a heavy-duty front axle with 55-degree turn angle and limited slip design. This increases drawbar pull and improves traction when operating in slick conditions. This also gets more torque to the ground, reduces slippage, and improves overall fuel economy.

The four-wheel-drive centerline design provides excellent maneuverability and more crop clearance when operating in the field. An excellent 10 degrees of axle oscillation follows uneven terrain and reduces stress and maintenance costs.

“A straddle mount operator station on the 5003 Series tractors is designed for easy entrance and exit and improves the operator's ride and visibility,” explains Alvin. An open center hydraulic system provides excellent flow for running implements. Separate hydraulic flow is directed to braking and steering to maximize implement performance.

All 5003 Series tractors come equipped with a single rear SCV for additional versatility and dual rear SCVs are available as field-installed kits. Dual mid-SCVs with joystick control are also available as factory- or field-installed options.

Additional features include storage locations for tools, parts, and operator manuals, a fender-mounted tool box, optional factory-installed loaders, and an optional right side step kit to allow entrance and exit from either side of the tractor.

“These tractors provide great value for the dollar and an economical solution for a variety of tasks including mowing, baling, spraying, loading, and tilling applications,” concludes Alvin. “We encourage customers to visit with their local John Deere dealer for more information and a demonstration today.”

Additional information is also available at

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