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Deere gets tillage in gear

Deere introduced three new tillage machines, offering industry firsts, this fall in Ankeny, IA.

The new 2700 Mulch Ripper mulches, shatters and levels soil in a single pass and can be adjusted for specific crop conditions and to vary the amount of residue.

v The front mulching disk maintains a consistent depth (maximum depth to 4 in.) and provides an industry exclusive Hydraulic Down Force pres-sure system, which allows for unmatched following capability over uneven terrain.

v The single point depth control (SPDC) adjustment allows the operator to easily set depth across the entire tool. Front discs are individually mounted instead of ganged for better residue flow; optional C springs help maintain a consistent depth and flex (instead of break) if the discs hit rocks.

v The ripper section offers spacing options of 5 standards on 30 in. (which can be converted to 7 on 24 in.), and 7 standards on 30 in. (which can be converted to 9 on 24 in.).

v The final tillage section features the company's TruPosition rear conditioner, mounted with 300-lb. trip standards (each ripper shank has two blades covering each ripper trench), which hydraulically adjusts for a smooth profile or adjusts to leave small ridges and valleys for wet or windy conditions. LaserRip ripper points are 2 3/4, 5, 7 or 10 in. to help fracture soil and break out the compacted layer or zone.

Front and rear discs feature maintenance-free disc bearings; they have only 17 grease zerks compared with 92 to 100 grease zerks on competitors' models. Circle 224.

The 2400 Chisel Plow makes its way through heavy residue and rough terrain, due to a new floating hitch, AccuDepth controls and TruPosition standards.

v The hitch tongue is connected to the plow frame at two points, allowing the machine to follow the terrain independently of the tongue or tractor drawbar.

v AccuDepth controls primary and intermediate depths and side-to-side leveling from the cab; it's standard on five-section implements.

v The 2400 is available in 10- to 64-ft. widths. The four-bar frame consists of two 35-in. sections for soil and residue mixing, and one 58-in. section for residue flow. Circle 225.

Break up cloddy soil and improve seed-to-soil contact in the spring with the all-new 200 Seedbed Finisher, available in three- and five-section models in widths from 20 to 45 ft.

v Heavy, 4x4 double-truss tube frame on wing sections add strength and offer higher stress points.

v Rolling baskets feature Duraflex bearings for longevity, strength and reliability. Duraflex triple-lip seals keep sand or dust out of the bearing housing to eliminate locking or seizing of bearings.

v The bar basket has a web design strong enough to take an impact in the field and allows soil to flow through.

v The adjustable long John tongue lets you create a desired turning radius or eases hookup with the pull of a drawbar pin. Circle 226.

Contact John Deere North American Agricultural Mrktg. Center, Dept. FIN, 11145 Thompson Ave., Lenexa, KS 66219, or 913/310-8324.

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