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FarmLogs unveils new products to unlock profitability

Media release: FarmLogs introduces a new lineup of farm management tools and packages for 2017.

Editor’s Note: This company media release is unedited, for your information.

FarmLogs introduced a new lineup of farm management tools and packages for 2017. Built to increase profits despite weak grain market conditions, the new offerings include Automatic Data Transfer, Field Data Analyzer, Crop & Profit Planner, and Wheat Nitrogen Prescriptions. The announcement was made at the first stop of the 3-destination FarmLogs User Conference in Des Moines, Iowa.

Tight margins, rising input costs and declining commodity prices make it increasingly difficult for the family farm to remain independent and profitable. The new products, centered on simplicity, efficiency, and profitability, address the greatest challenges, uncertainties and operational concerns facing row crop farmers today.

Determine Profitability

Crop & Profit Planner - Enables users to forecast and visualize potential profits based on various agronomic field decisions that could be made throughout the season.

Save on Inputs

Wheat Nitrogen Prescriptions - FarmLogs provides an optimized recommendation for each wheat field zone and programs equipment to apply nitrogen at variable rates.

Compare Field Performance

Field Data Analyzer - Users are able to quickly and easily compare and contrast variables such as soil type, inputs and management zones as field layers to understand the agronomic practices that impact ROI and yield.

Transfer Files Effortlessly

Automatic Data Transfer - FarmLogs takes the hassle out of transferring, organizing and interpreting planting, yield and equipment files regardless of file type. Users can archive and easily access streamlined and easy-to-read files.

“We focused on building tools that would make it incredibly easy for growers to understand how each decision impacts profitability on a field-by-field basis,” said Jesse Vollmar, CEO and co-founder of FarmLogs. “We know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why this year, we decided to offer a variety of product packages that will give growers more choices and more control in solving their unique challenges that matter most to their farm.”


Packages & Pricing:






Any package can be added to the FarmLogs Standard package, the company’s free, easy-to-use tools that help growers make quick and well informed decisions without the need to drive to the field or manually collect data. FarmLogs Advantage now gives users unlimited access to every product including everything in FarmLogs Standard, plus FarmLogs Crop Manager, FarmLogs Operations Manager and all FarmLogs Variable Rate Prescriptions.

FarmLogs is the leading independent provider of technology solutions trusted by over one in three U.S. row crop farms. Utilizing cutting-edge software, data science and machine-learning technology, FarmLogs offers independent and unbiased information and recommendations that help growers effortlessly and remotely improve field performance, increase yield and eliminate waste. The company currently has over 20 percent of the country’s row crop acres under management.

About FarmLogs:

FarmLogs is the leading independent provider of technology solutions for U.S. row crop farms. On a mission to create a better future for farming, FarmLogs helps over one in three U.S. farms use technology and data about their fields to grow row crops more profitably. The company’s powerful, yet simple-to-use field monitoring service notifies farmers when it detects yield threats, automatically logs activities, and gives users instant access to field-specific data including rainfall tracking, soil composition maps, GDD accumulation and yield maps. FarmLogs Standard, FarmLogs Advantage and FarmLogs Prescriptions deliver timely, actionable and unbiased field insights and recommendations that help growers achieve optimal yield, increase field profitability and eliminate waste. FarmLogs is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and was founded in 2011 by Jesse Vollmar and Brad Koch. To learn more, visit

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