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EFC Systems announces the purchase of AgSolver Assets

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Press release: This information is distributed directly from AgSolver, Inc.

This is a media release sent by manufacturers and other agriculture businesses to CSD. 

 EFC Systems, Inc. (“EFC Systems” or “the Company”), a leading provider of solutions for Agricultural Retailers announced it has purchased the assets of AgSolver Inc. (AgSolver, Inc.)

The move establishes a new Agronomic Planning and Sustainabilty division at EFC Systems which Dr. Dave Muth will oversee as Vice President. The technology and team of 12 that comes to EFC Systems will be a significant expansion to their efforts to help agricultural retailers and growers in both planning and sustainability efforts. This acquisition also establishes an Ames, Iowa location where the AgSolver team has been located allowing for expansion with additional Merchant Ag and FieldAlytics client services team members.

“We are excited about this strategically important acquisition as it accelerates our presence in more sophisticated agronomic planning, capitalizing on our wide market access and making use of information from both our ERP and Precision solutions,” said Ernie Chappell, CEO and Founder of EFC Systems. “This beachhead in Sustainability is important as we’re confident this will be core to the food and agriculture channel in the years ahead. It’s our vision that the grower migration to sustainable agriculture will involve and be promoted by agricultural retailers.”

“The AgSolver team is very excited to bring our technology, expertise and market presence to EFC Systems,” said Dr. Dave Muth. “The integration of AgSolver’s Precision Business Planning and sustainability assessment technologies with EFC Systems’ solutions will provide Agricultural Retailers with industry leading capability to support their farmer customers with profitable and sustainable management practices."

About EFC Systems, Inc.

EFC Systems, Inc. delivers comprehensive technology solutions to agricultural retailers both for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) as well as Precision / Field Data Management. Their solutions support advanced farming practices and enable seamless data connectivity among growers and their agricultural service providers. EFC Systems has been providing agribusiness solutions for more than 26 years. Corporate headquarters are located in Brentwood, Tennessee. The firm has clients in 47 states and Canada by way of its related company FieldAlytics Solutions Canada, Inc.  Visit or for more information.

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