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D-Cup Diffuser relieves seed placement issues

Newly introduced to North America by Invenco (of Australia) and Exapta Solutions (based in Kansas), the D-Cup Diffuser vents 100 percent of the air pressure from the hoses of air drills immediately above the opener for more-precise gravity-drop seed placement.

The high velocity of seed being delivered by air drills causes excessive seed bounce, resulting in many seeds being misplaced and in a poor position for germination. This seed bounce isn't easily contained by the opener blade/boot and furrow sidewalls. Plus, the pressurized air itself can carry seed out of the furrow upon exiting the lower edge of the boot. These issues commonly occur on a variety of disk and shank openers fed by pressurized air streams.

The D-Cup Diffuser eliminates the problem by providing much greater venting of air than other “air brake” designs. The Diffuser has proven to be simple and highly effective for both large and small seeds, since the Diffuser doesn't have any internal screens or deflectors (which are prone to blockages and can damage seeds during impact). The Diffuser makes air-seeding systems easier to use and more capable of delivering consistent germination results.

Single-inlet Diffusers are priced from $45 to $67.50 each, depending on order quantity. Double-inlet and triple-inlet Diffusers are also available. More product details are available at, as well as a variety of useful tips for improving seeder function.

For more information contact Exapta Solutions, Inc. at (785) 820-8000, or P.O. Box 952, Salina, Kan. 67402.

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